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Traction control so in the winter or slippery conditions your tires wont spin

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โˆ™ 2004-11-08 10:02:01
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Q: What does the ETC button do on a 1994 Toyota pickup?
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Where is the ETC PWR button on Toyota?

to switch to electric

How do you fix an exhaust leak on 1991 Toyota Pickup?

Where is the leak originating from? Clarify location, whether it's a flange, hole in the piping, etc.

Where is the trip button on a 2009 Toyota camry?

The trip button is integrated in the instrumental panel (where speed is shown, rpm etc). You can activate by pressing on plastic cylinder sticking out of the panel.

Interference or non-interference 1994 Toyota Corolla?

The 1.6 liter and 1.8 liter - 4 cylinder engines in a 1994 Toyota Corolla are : non - interference engines ( according to the Gates website , they make timing belts etc. )

What was the retail price of a 1985 Toyota sr5 pickup in 1985?

I paid $5,995.00 + tx, etc. when I purchased my 1985 Toyota new in Jully, 1985. I still have it, it is in Cherry condition and only has 45,000 original miles on it.

Parking lights on 1994 Toyota pickup truck don't work. All other lights head tail blinkers dash etc. work fine. What should I look for?

The Switch may be bad. Check the bulbs for the parking lights. Check the fuses / relays for the parking lights.

Does a 1994 Toyota Camry v6 have a belt or chain?

It has a timing BELT ( according to the Gates website , they make timing belts etc. )

What does an ect button do on a Toyota carina auto gearbox?

According to the Toyota's owners manual, 'the etc. power button is used for powerful acceleration. Whereby the transmission is shifted up and down at a higher vehicle speed than when in the normal switch position. It is used when the overdrive switch is on.'

Where is the fuse box in a 1994 Toyota Previa?

The fuse box is on top of the dash in the centre. Gently prise the panel upwards from the front to reveal the many fuses etc.

What is the firing order for a 1994 Toyota Corolla?

Four cylinders, I hope... 1-3-4-2, with cylinder 1 closest to all the belts and pulleys etc.

What are the sentences for etc.?

The alphabet is comprised of A, B, C, etc. I like pickup trucks such as Ford, Chevy, GMC, Jeep, etc.

How do you program the radio on 1994 Chevy Lumina?

turn the radio on manually tuner in stations push the set button andnumber for station like 1 2 3 etc.

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