What does the French word 'pathetique' mean?

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The word 'pathétique' means moving, pathetic. The word 'pathetic' refers to being capable of, evoking, or marked by strong emotions such as melancholy, pity, sadness, sorrow, suffering, sympathy, tenderness. It therefore may be rendered as affecting, passionate, pitiable, or sad.

What does the French word beau mean?

The French word "beau" means beautiful. Nowadays you'll find that English speakers use it to refer to their significant other. It is growing popular as a baby name.

What does the French word 'quel' mean?

The word 'quel' means what , which . This particular form is in the masculine singular. If there's more than one male or masculine item, then the form is 'quels'. If the item is feminine, or the person female, then the form is 'quelle'. The plural form is 'quelles'. For eg(example): => Quelle ( Full Answer )

What does the French word D'argent mean in French?

Argent means money . De means "of, about." De also means "some" or "any." For example, "Do you have some (any) money?" would be "Avez-vous de l'argent?" It is a partitive article in this sentence. In the negative, it would be, "Je n'ai pas d'argent," which means, "I don't have any money." Us ( Full Answer )

What does the French word tour mean in French?

La tour means the tower, faire le tour means to go around something or someone, faire un tour means to go sightseeing, to go and see something. (The word tourisme comes from this).

What does the french word magnifique mean?

Well, I have always wanted to know what Magnifique means because all you hear on MKR Manu saying It tastes MAgnifique. Lol HOWERVER IT MEANS THAT IT TASTE INCREDIBLE AND YOU WANT MORE OR TERRIFIC YOU PULLED IT OFF C= XD

What does the french word dormi mean?

In golf, dormie means, that a player is up, by as many holes that are left. They only have to halve or win one of the remaining holes to win the match.

What does the word courts mean in french?

"Court" is an adjective that means "short". It is spelled with an 's' when it is used to modify a plural noun. e.g. "les bas courts" would be "short socks"; "un bas court" would be "a short sock".

What does the French word bourgeoise mean?

"Un bourgeois" was originally an inhabitant of the 'bourg' (big village or small town), and not a peasant. The term has come to mean 'middle-class'.

What does the french word adarge mean?

"adarge" is not a French word. The resembling word "adage" means 'proverb', or a fixed sentence expressing things of common wisdom.

What does the word rotisserie mean in French?

Rotisserie is a style of roasting where meat is skewered on a spit - a long solid rod used to hold food while it is being cooked over a fire in a fireplace or over a campfire , or roasted in an oven . This method is generally used for cooking large joints of meat or entire animals, such a ( Full Answer )

What does french word dongle mean?

Dongle is not a french word, but an English one. It is a (rather outdated) security device to prevent software piracy.

What does the french word kafkaesque mean?

Kafkaesque is not French, but rather is an English word which means pertaining to the feelings of complexity, senselessness and disorientation. It refers to Franz Kafka the author of works such as The Metamorphosis who was not French but rather Hungarian.

What does the French word son mean?

son is a possessive meaning his or her. It is singular (plural ses) and is to be followed by a masculine noun: his blue toy = son jouet bleu - her blue pen = son crayon bleu. (that doesn't matter that the owner is a boy or a girl)

What does the french word laissezfaire mean?

The term laissez-faire means a few things: If you are talking about politics, the dictionnary states: An economic doctrine that opposes governmental regulation of or interference in commerce beyond the minimum necessary for a free-enterprise system to operate according to its own economic law ( Full Answer )

What does the word m'a mean in french?

m'a are two separate words: a is a conjugated form, in the third person singular, present, of "avoir", to have. (elle a = she has, il a = he has) m' stands for "me", reflective pronoun that you would translate '(to) me' in English. elle m'a dit que .... > she has told me that ... il m'a ( Full Answer )

What does the french word chanticleer mean?

It usually refers to a rooster. It comes from a rooster appearing in fables surrounding the fables of Reynard the Fox. The most famous of these is probably Chanticleer and the Fox, a version of which is told in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. The name is from French "sing clear".

What does the word franc mean in French?

The franc was a unit of French currency , roughly the equivalent of the US dollar in structure. 100 centimes = 1 franc. The franc was replaced by the Euro in 2002

What does the french word Luxembourg mean?

Luxembourg has no real meaning. It is the name of a city (and capital) of the small state of the same name, nudged between Belgium, France and Germany.

What does the word with mean in french?

"with" is not a word in french, but if you mean "how does "with" translate in french?", "avec" is the equivalent of the English "with". So, for example, if you want to say: "You are with me" in french, it would be "Tu est avec moi"

What does the word magazine mean in French?

Un magazine in french is a periodic publication, often generalistic. A specialised paper would be called une revue (a review) Magazines are generally weekly or monthly papers.

What the word cognate mean in french?

Cognate as an adjective will be translated by apparanté Un cognat is a member of the family - linked by birth (rarely used except in Law ) Un cognat is also, in Linguistics, a word which as a same origin than another word in another language.

What does the french word juvenal mean?

I think it doesn't mean anything. Give me a sentence and I will translate it for you. Maybe you confused "juvenal" and "juvénile" (which means "juvenile" in English)

What does the french word sortir mean?

To go out - Je veux sortir avec mes copains - I want to goout with my friends. To go out - J'ai juste découvert qu'il sort avec Marion -I just found he's going out with Marion. To get out - Il faut sortir nos stylos - We need to getour pens out.

What does the french word sonnet mean?

The sonnet ( same word in French and in English) is one of several forms of poetry originating in Europe. The term " sonnet " means "little song". By the thirteenth century, it had come to signify a poem of fourteen lines that follows a strictrhyme scheme and specific structure. The conventions a ( Full Answer )

What does the french word alo mean?

its a way of saying hello but you use it more on the telephone than in person. its to respond to the call. so you wouldn't go up to somone and say it. its like say "hows there" to them

What does French word lie mean?

(il / elle) lie (from verb lier, to tie up)> he / she ties [something] up la lie (feminine noun) - this is the particles that you may find in wine, tending to precipitate when the wine is still.

What does the french word Mignonne mean?

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe it means 'cute', and I think the correct spelling is the one used below, but again I'm not entirely sure because the spelling below could be masculine and the one above could be feminine. This also raises the question why is there a dish called 'Filet mignon' (F ( Full Answer )

What does the french word bit mean?

In computer science, 'un bit' (masc.) is translated by the English 'byte'.Otherwise with an additional 'e', it is slang for a male sex.

What does the French word lectorat mean?

'le lectorat' is the group of people who are usually reading a particular newspaper or magazine. You may translate that as "readership".

What does the French word sucrette mean?

Sucrette is a made-up word from sucre (sugar) and the diminutivesuffix "ette". Une sucrette (feminine noun) is a sweetener tablet(of aspartame or other sugar-like component)

What does the french word baies mean?

Either berries (strawberris, raspberries,....) or bays (at sea) Some other meanings with expressions like baie vitrée , baies aromatiques ,...

What does the french word bourg mean?

A market town in the middle age. Sometimes it's the main place in the village, the place where the church and shops are located, compared to the country side.