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What does the Georgian alphabet look like?

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What is an?

An is the first letter of the Georgian alphabet.

What does the Italian alphabet look like?

The Italian alphabet looks like any other alphabet in the western world.

Is georgian written in Cyrillic?

No; it's written in its own alphabet. It is based off of the ancient Phoenician alphabet, like Cyrillic, so you can say that they have a very distant common ancestor (in a way).

What does french alphabet look like?

Same as the English alphabet with different pronunciations.

How do the cursive alphabet look like?


What do all the unowns look like?

Like the letters of the alphabet. There are also two that look like "?" and "!".

What does the cursive alphabet look like?

Cursive AlphabetPlease use the related links to view pictures of the cursive alphabet.

What does the United Kingdom alphabet look like?


How many letters are there in the alphebet?

This depends on which of the many alphabets you are addressing. The Latin alphabet contains 26 letters. The Georgianalphabet contains 41 letters. The Hindi alphabet contains 58 letters.

What does the Mesopotamian alphabet look like?

There is no such thing as a "mesopotamian alphabet". For information about Akkadian, see the link at the bottom:

What do the unowns they all look like?

letters of the alphabet a-z

How do all the unown look like?

They resemble letters of the alphabet.

Why does the pi sign look like it does?

It is a letter in the Greek alphabet.

What does the Phoenician alphabet look like?

Sixteen symbols, no vowels.

What does the alphabet look like in Gaelic?

I suggest you look at this:

What do the Unown look like?

letters of the alphabet and one looks like a ! and the second looks like a ?

What do the ancient roman alphabet symbols look like?

The Romans had the same alphabet that we do today except we added a few letters like W and others.

Do Armenians and Georgians belong to the same language family?

No. Armenian and Georgian languages are quite different. Armenian language belongs to Indo-European languages' family, consisting a separate branch thereof. While Georgian language is Caucasian language and has been for centuries as only Caucasian language, having alphabet and literature. Georgian and Armenian languages are written by their own scripts. Georgian alphabet was invented by King Parnavaz of Iberia in V c BC. The oldest Georgian inscription found ever belongs to II AD. Georgian alphabet has changed its forms for 2 times and nowadays Georgian language has 3 different alphabets. First 2 is used for church services and the newest is the official script for Georgian language as a state language of Georgia. Armenian alphabet was invented by Armenian scholar Mesrop Mashtots in V c AD, 10 centuries later. It has never changed forms, only some letters were added in later mid centuries and it is used as official script for Armenian language. Davit Chikvaidze

What does the Hungarian alphabet look like?

See the related link to Wikipedia for a breakdown of he Hungarian alphabet - including pronunciation of each letter.

What does a hornbook look like?

it was kind of shaped like a paddle with the alphabet and the lords prayer written on it.

What does the french alphabet look like?

It's exactly the same as the English one.

What does the letter L look like in Japanese?

the letter L is not in the Japanese alphabet.

What does the alphabet look like in cursive?

Cursive letters are 'joined up writing'

What was the style of the Georgian homes in England like?

Go into and hit on "images" then ask for Georgian homes

How do you behave like a Georgian?

With confidence and elegance