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It's Spencer in Hawaiian

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What does the word Matariki mean in Hawaiian?

This is not a Hawaiian word. The Hawaiian language does not contain the letter "R".

What does shahoney in hawaiian mean?

"Shahoney" has no meaning in Hawaiian. This is not a Hawaiian word.

What does makalah mean in hawaiian?

That isn't a Hawaiian word. A rule for the Hawaiian language is that no word can end with a consonant.

What does shaka mean in hawaiian?

shaka has no meaning in Hawaiian. It's not a Hawaiian word.

What does the word friend mean in hawaiian?

Friend in Hawaiian is Hoaaloha

What does Hawaiian word Kai mean?

Kai = Ocean in Hawaiian

What does tanaka mean in Hawaiian?

Aloha: This is not a Hawaiian word or name. It is Japanese.

What does the hawaiian word kalla mean?

There is no such word. If you mean kaila (with an I), it is style or fashion.

What does inion mean in hawaiian?

inion is not a real word, so it has no meaning in Hawaiian.

What does malama mean in hawaiian?

Basic meaning for the Hawaiian word Malama is To care

What does kin mean in hawaiian?

Absolutely nothing, no Hawaiian word ends in a consonant.

What does heneliaka mean in hawaiian?

heneliaka is not a native Hawaiian word. It might be a foreign name written with Hawaiian letters.

What does imanu mean in the hawaiian language?

The word imani does not mean anything in the Hawaiian language. The word imani is a Swahili name that means faith and it is the word for the last day of Kwanzaa.

What does the word mischievous mean in Hawaiian?

Are you asking how do you say mischievous in Hawaiian? The closest is "Kolohe"

What does da kine mean in the hawaiian language?

The word Dakine in the Hawaiian language mean 'a word your cannot think of' So should you forget a word during a conversation the word dakine can be used to replace the word you have forgotten.

What does the word fat mean in Hawaiian?

Fat translated in Hawaiian is momona which also means "delicious!"

What does the word mia mean in Hawaiian?

-mia is a suffix usually indicating the passive voice in Hawaiian

What does Bella mean in hawaiian?

The word "Bella" means "Beautiful". The origin is actually Italian, not Hawaiian.

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