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What does the INFL REST light mean on a 1992 Geo Storm?


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2005-09-13 19:12:45
2005-09-13 19:12:45

it means inflatable restrant probley your air bag it is either saying ur air bag is on and working or that iit is not working The air bag computer has stored a trouble code. You will need the factory service manual to retrieve the code and troubleshoot it.


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The infl rest light is just your airbag safety system it should blink a few times when the ignition is turned to on and then it should go out!!

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b/c the battery is dead. b/c the battery is dead.

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The INFL REST light stays on in your 91 rs camaroRead more:The_INFL_REST_light_stays_on_in_your_91_rs_camaro

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yes it will start. The infl. rest lamp is for inflatable restraint (airbag) the light will normally come on (flash) for 5 seconds or so when the key is put in the run position that's the air bag system doing a self check

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