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It is debatable. It is believed to be an ancient pagan symbol that was adopted by the Ottoman empire. It was suggested by them that the five points of the star stood for the five pillars of Islam.

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The Star and Crescent Symbol

The star and crescent is a well-known symbol of Islam. It features prominently on the flags of many countries in the Islamic world, notably Turkey and Pakistan.

Contrary to popular belief, the symbol is not Muslim in origin. Rather, it was a polytheistic icon adopted during the spread of Islam, and its use today is sometimes controversial in the Muslim world.

The crescent and star are often said to be Islamic symbols, but historians say that they were the insignia of the Ottoman Empire, not of Islam as a whole.

It is important to keep in mind that Islam has few traditional symbols, and the crescent moon and star are not ones that are recognized by as traditional symbols by Muslims. The symbol is due to cultral diffusion and the spread of Islam to the Ottoman Turks who ruled a large area and also put the crescent moon and star symbol on their flag. It has since become associated with Islam.
there is no Islamic symbol per Islam religion teachings. Islam has no sacred religious symbol as the cross in Christianity or David star in Judaism.

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Q: What does the Islamic symbol mean?
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What does the islamic star and crescent mean?

Islam has no symbol. They just picked that symbol because it was "spiritual".

Does Islam have any religious symbol?

The crescent Moon is generally understood as the Islamic symbol. This does not mean it's the "official" symbol.

What does Islamic symbol look like?

Per religion. there is no Islamic specific symbol.

What does the Islamic symbol represent?

The islamic symbol is not the islamic symbol that is a pakistan, turkish and afghanistan symbol etc The islamic symbol is the declaration of faith this is the declaration that every muslim knows and for converts they recite when they convert. The transalation for the declaration is there is none worthy of worship but Allah and prophet Muhammad is his bondsman and servant.

Does the Islamic symbol have another meaning in every day life?

what do you mean by Islamic symbols ?? it's hard to know what actually you're reffering to??

What does the Islamic star and crest mean?

Just a symbol that is not related to Islam religion. refer to question below.

Why is the Islamic symbol a star and a crescent?

It is not an Islamic symbol per religion. It is just something traditional and historical. There is no religious Islamic symbol in the sense as the Cross; for example; in the Christian religion. Refer to question below for more information.

Does the Islamic symbol have any lines of symmetry?

yes the islamic sybol is symetrical

What is the Islamic symbol called?

the symbol is called the sky The crescent moon.

Which side is the moon on the Islamic symbol?

the moon is on the left side of the symbol

What does the Muslim symbol mean?

The star and crescent symbol of Islam is from the Sassanid empire which was the largest Islamic nation in history. It is now a symbol of the idea that all Muslims are a unified nation regardless of country or ethnicity.

What is the symbol of the islamic religion?

The Symbol Is A Moon And A Star. They Are On The Turkish Flag In Yellow.

What colour is the Islamic symbol?

It is normally green

What are some Islamic symbols and what do they mean?

Islamic symbols are really important to the Muslims. there are so many Islamic symbols such as: Star and crescent symbol, The qu'ran. The Allah symbol in Arabic, the muhamad symbol in Arabic - muhamad was the messanger of god. Other religions don't believe or except that only Ismaic/Musilims except it, The five pillars of Islam, The six kalma's and surah's from the holy quran

What is the name of the Islamic symbol?

moon and star (mona!!)

What is the symbol for the first amendment?

You could have a cross, a moon and star (islamic symbol), and a David's star.?

What tattoos symbolize Islamic faith?

Most common tattoos that are being used to symbolize Islamic faith are Crescent with star and Koranic verses perhaps in Arabic calligraphy. The crescent with star, however, did not start as an Islamic symbol, but rather gained popularity as a nationalist symbol after the creation of Islamic Republics of Pakistan and Turkey, eventually becoming a symbol that symbolizes the religion itself.

What are the Islamic symbols?

There is no religious Islamic symbol in the sense as the Cross in Christianity or David star in Judaism. The popularly known symbol of the moon and star is thought by some as a symbol of Islam. This symbol is just a political or traditional symbol that is not related to religious requirements. It was a symbol of the Turkish empire that controlled much of the Islamic world for several centuries. The flag used by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was just a plain green rectangular piece of cloth.

What does star mean in Muslims symbol?

There are no religious symbols in Islam religion in the sense as the cross in Christianity or David Star in Judaism. The star is just a political symbol used in some Islamic flags that has no religious background.

Why is the Islamic symbol the moon and star?

The moon and star is sometimes considered a symbol of Islam because it was a symbol of the Turkish dynasty that controlled much of the Islamic world for several centuries. No created object is a symbol of Islam. Prophet Muhammad's (God bless him and grant him peace) flag was a plain green rectangle

What is the Islamic religious symbol?

Some people think that the star and moon represent Islam symbol. However, it should be emphasized that the star and moon symbol has nothing to do with Islam religion. There is no symbol for Islam religion. This symbol was used historically by Turkish army during the ottoman dynasty when the Turkish were controlling the Islamic world for hundreds of years. This may be the reason of having this symbol popular in some Islamic countries. It is worthy to mention that the flag in time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was just a rectangular plain green piece of cloth.

What is the symbolism for Islam?

there is no true symbol for Islam, however the 'star and moon' was said to be used as a insignia put on the flags of the Arabic bedouin clans and this symbol was often seen as a symbol for Islam. some may also say that the Islamic symbol could be some kind of Islamic Arabic caligraphy. there is no true symbol that i know of, that is enforced in the quran or hadiths.

What does the crescent moon in Islam mean?

The crescent moon in Islam has no special religious meaning. It has no special Islam or religious meaning or symbol. It is just a traditional or historical symbol used on mosques buildings and some flags of Islamic countries.

What does it mean when the symbol is above the symbol?

Depending upon which symbol you mean, it usually means that symbol DOUBLED.

What is the name of the islam symbol?

There is no Islamic symbol as the cross in Christianity or David star in Judaism. Some claim that it is the moon and star which is not true.