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What does the Methuselah Tree look like?

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October 27, 2007 11:13PM

Methuselah (estimated germination 2832 BC) is a bristlecone pine in the White Mountains of California, which, at 4,838 years old, is the oldest living organism currently known and documented. It is named after Methuselah, a Biblical figure reputed to have lived 969 years. Located at approximately 11,000 feet above sea level, its exact location is currently undisclosed to the public as a protection against vandalism; the coordinates cited refer to the Methuselah Grove Visitor Center. An older specimen, nicknamed Prometheus, was approximately 5,000 years old, but was cut down in 1964. Numerous claims of older plants of other species have been made, but these are all of clonal colonies, not individual plants. For a picture of the tree refer to the following link: