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What does the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Emerald do?


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You get another game ruby,sapphire,emerald and use cables to link and use the mystery gift and u get the mystic ticket once u do tat

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Yes actually you can use the mystery gift online in Emerald. Enjoy!

Dawn stones aren't available in Pokemon Emerald. Use Mystery Gift.

There is no way to get Mystery Gift without using the Wireless Adapter. Sadly, the events for Pokemon Emerald are expired and there will be no more events for this game.

yes, you either get there by mystery gift or cheats

You get the mystery box in pokemon Emerald by completing the Interview at the Pokemart. You must answer the interview with the words ' Link together with all.' Completing the interview correctly will grant you the mystery gift.

You will need two wireless adapters. Then you should go to the option Wonder Gift on Mystery Gift. I don't know what to do from there, though.

link together with all enter it in the pokemart's questionnaire

During a Nintendo event Nintendo gives out mystery gifts if you bring your Pokemon emerald to the event with a wireless adapter and Nintendo is giving out a gift emerald can receive you can go to a wonder spot and choose mystery gift on your emerald to receive the special gift. But all Nintendo events for emerald have long since passed.

When I fill out that quesionaire in Pokemon Emerald, I said," LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL" And then, you can access Mystery Gift.

U can not get Mystery Gift on Pokemon Sapphire(same thing with Ruby.)To use Mystery Gift U hav 2 get a wireless addapter.But science U can not use 1 on Pokemon Sapphire, (and Ruby,) U can ONLY get it on Pokemon Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen.

You CANT Get It As A Mystery Gift In ANY POKEMON GAME!To Get The Old Sea Chart,All You Have To Do Is Go To A Nintendo Event.Good Luck Getting It!;]

what do you do after you get a mystery gift in emerald?

Go to the question on this site that says "How do get mystery gift on Emerald". Go to the question on this site that says "How do get mystery gift on Emerald".

you use it for catching Pokemon but you need a wireless adaptor (emerald version)

You need the mystery gift but unfortunitley if stopped years ago

There is no other way, unless you were to trade.

you put in your cable adapter or use action replay

Just have a friend then wait and it will tell you the next step.

"LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL" it unlocks mystery gift.

link together with all activates the mystery gift

In order to obtain the mystery map you have to get it from mystery gift. You can look for this on ebay. You can also mix records with a friend who has one.

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