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The flag does not officially represent any concept or structure, it is a centuries old tradition that originated as an orange-white-blue flag and eventually became the current red-white-blue. Dutch scholars have not been able to find out the real origin for these colors, anyone saying there is one is making stuff up.

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What does netherlnads flag represent?

When the Netherlands were overtaken by Spain, a flag that is much like their current one today was used. It was a horizontal tricolor of orange white and blue. The colors were chosen to represent the Prince of Orange's coat of arms. After the Dutch won their independence from the Spanish, it was taken over by France. The flag's design was kept the same, but the colors were changed to represent that mother nation. If you actually compare the flag of the Netherlands and the flag of France, you will notice the Netherlands' flag is a horizontal version of the French one.

What does the Haitian flag represent?

the flag represent our freedom

How is Luxembourg flag different from Netherlands flag?

The blue stripe on the Luxembourg flag is brighter than the one on the Netherlands flag.

When was Flag of the Netherlands Antilles created?

Flag of the Netherlands Antilles was created in 1959.

What does the crown represent on the Victorian flag?

What does the crown represent on Victorian Flag...???

What is a national flag really represent?

a national flag represent the continent that has it

What does the yellow represent in the Barbados flag?

the yellow on the Barbados flag represent the sand

When was Netherlands flag adopted?

The date that the flag of the Netherlands was adopted is February 19, 1937. The Netherlands was founded in 1648 and its capital is Amsterdam.

What do the stars represent on the US flag?

the stars on the US flag represent the 50 states; there are 50 stars on the flag!!

What Do The Colors On A Flag Represent?

The colors on a flag represent different things depending on what country the flag belongs too. Do you have a specific flag that you are asking about?

What does the symbols of the Pennsylvania flag represent?

THE SYMbols in the flag represent the U.S.A.. wealth and trade

What does the color white represent on the Nigerian flag?

White in the Nigerian flag represent Peace.

What do the colors on the norwegan flag represent?

a flag

What do the Colors on The Hawaii Flag Represent?

the color on the hawaii flag represent eight island of Hawaii

What do the stars of the Union 35 stars flag represent?

the stars on the American flag represent the states.

What do the colors on the Greek flag supposed to represent flag represent?

the blue is water and the white is wind

What does the strips represent on the US flag?

The strips on the US flag represent the 13 original colonies.

What does the flag of England represent?

The flag of St George.

What does the puru flag mean?

What does the Peru flag represent

What do the stipes on the England flag represent?

Its not called the England flag it's called the Union Flag and the white stripes represent the Scotish Soltire.

What do the colors represent on the Peru' flag?

The colors on the Peru' flag represent the animals that fought for their people.

What does the red stripes represent on the flag?

The red and white stripes on the flag represent the original 14 colonies

What does the color white represent on the American flag?

The colors of the American flag were taken from the flag of the United Kingdom, and represent noting in themselves. The flag as a whole represents the United States of America, the stars represent the states in the union and the stripes represent the original 13 colonies turned states.

Why is luxonbory flag like Netherlands flag?

Countries can be very unoriginal.

What do stars represent on American flag represent?

The stars on the American flag represent the number of states in the union. There are fifty stars today, there were 13 originally.