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God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Doctrine, practical application, prophecy.


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Mainly christians use both the books , but mainly the new testament as it has more on Jesus.

It was mainly used in the new testament.

The new testament contains the teaching of Jesus, and the books of Paul and the four gospels mainly.

The new testament is made of books mainly by the apostles and the rest are books written by Paul.

Since much of the New Testament hadn't been written yet it had to be the Old Testament.

Yes! he is in the New Testament during the transfiguration of Jesus, but his main appearance is as the leader of the Jews out of Egypt, mainly to be found in the Old Testament in the book of Exodus..

The division of the New Testament is mainly in two part. The first set is the gospels and the other segment is known as the epistles.

The Old Testament was before Jesus, it is the history of God's dealings with His people. The New Testament was after Jesus was born, it was mainly written by His apostles about His teachings and His works.

They are the Pauline epistles of the New Testament. The link I will make below will explain them.

Epiphany means a manifestation of God, and this came in the form of our Lord Jesus Christ, so you could say that most of the verses in the New Testament, and many in the Old Testament explain this

The Old Testament is mainly the history of the nation of Israel. It does contain prophecies of the coming Messiah. The New Testament is the story of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, after He was born.

The Books of the New Testament start about in the middle of your Bible (If you have an Old Testament/New Testament Bible) and is labeled "NEW TESTAMENT".

Genesis to Malachi are the books of the Old Testament. The New Testament begins with Matthew and ends with Revelations. Jesus only appears in the New Testament, and mainly for only the first four books, which are called the gospels. (Matthew Mark Luke and John).

There were problems in the Corinth church mainly infighting and elders were imoral.

The gospels are New testament books that tell the life story of Jesus and explain his message.

The New Testament. All gospels are in the New Testament.

The biggest difference is in the Old Testament any christian was a christian because they new Jesus was coming and was going to die on the cross, in the New Testament they got to be with Jesus, they saw Him and most beleived. In the new testament till now we believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and that through Him we can go to heaven. So the main thing is people believed that Jesus died for their sins and for the Old Testament they believed He was coming.

It is called the New Testament because it was written after the Old Testament and tells of the new "testament" which means covenant or agreement between God and man. The old testament or covenant with Moses was fulfilled in Christ and this is the story of the New testament.

The Hebrew Bible (called "the Old Testament by Christians) was written in Hebrew with a few passages in Aramaic.The New Testament was written entirely in Greek.

Arranged from the new testament and the old testament. Arranged from the new testament and the old testament.

There are prophecies in the old testament fulfilled in the new testament.

In short, the old testament is the new testament concealed, the new is the old revealed. The old testament is before the human birth of Jesus, the new is during and after.

A:The New Testament was written in Greek, mainly the dialect known as Greek Koine, using the standard Greek alphabet. This was the general language used throughout the eastern Roman Empire.

The Bible is comprised of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The New Testament is part of the Bible. The Bible is made up of 66 books: 39 in the Old Testament and 27 In the New Testament.

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