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he has a beard , a heart shaped face , and he gives away medicine

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Q: What does the Sioux medicine man look like?
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Sioux medicine man and leader of an uprising?

sitting bull

Sioux medicine man and leader of an uprising 1876-1877?

Sitting Bull

What medicine man inspired the Sioux st the battle of little big horn?

Sitting Bull

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What were Sioux medicine bags for?

There were two different types of medicine bags. In one type the Medicine Man carried various items to use in healing other people. In the other type, the person carried items to help them to maintain a personal state of harmony.

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Catholic or close to the Catholic belief - they call them exorcist. Christian denominations don't normally have a name for it other than labeling the practice as demonic deliverance or sometimes Spiritual Warfare. In Native American terms, a person who is a traditional healer or spiritual leader is called a "medicine man" or a "medicine woman" or "medicine people". "Shaman" has also been used. These terms are not of native origins. Wichasha Wakan (Medicine Man or Holy Man) is the term used by the Oglala Lakota (Sioux).

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