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Crows are sometimes considered to symbolize an omen. They can be good or bad depending on the context they are being used in and what culture is talking about them. Since they are in the same family as the raven they are often associated with death and darkness. Crow is seen by some Native Americans as the left-handed guardian and keeper of the sacred law. While others interpret it as ancient wisdom, and magic. In a tea cup crow is read as ill health. As a child I learned an old English rhyme about crows from my grandmother, it went something like this: One is for bad news, two is for mirth. Three is a wedding, four for a birth. Five is for riches, six is a thief, Seven a journey, eight is for grief. Nine is a secret, ten is for sorrow, Eleven is love and twelve is joy on the morrow.

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Q: What does the symbolism of a crow mean?
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