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What does the TCS button on the 2001 Honda Accord V6 do?


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Turns the Tranction Control System on or off.


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TCS stands for Traction Control System. Pushing the button turns the traction control off.

Traction Control System (TCS)

It is on because you have turned the Traction Control System (TCS) off. Turn it back on by pressing the TCS button on the dash and leave it on.

traction control system When you see that on your dashboard the system is turned off. Turn it back on.

The TCS light is on because you have turned the Traction Control off. Simply turn it back on by pushing the TCS Off button again on the lower left hand side of the dash next to the sunroof control.

It means the traction control system is turned off. Turn it back on by pushing the button marked TCS.

TCS is an acronym with the meaning "Traction Control System." It prevents wheel spin in low-traction situations. Pressing the button will cause a light on the dash to illuminate. When the light is on, is means the system is disabled. It's a good idea to leave it on, as it can the wear on your differential.

That is the Traction Control System. When it is on the traction control is off.

If you're running on dry roads, there's no real need to have it on. TCS is intended more for wet and slippery roads.

You can turn it off by simply pushing the button on the dash. Why would you want to bypass it?

Traction Control System (TCM). Just leave it on all the time.

That is the TCS (traction control system) indicator light. The light is on to indicate you have turned the Traction Control System OFF. The light will come on for a few seconds every time you turn on the ignition and will then go off unless you have turned the TCS off. The TCS is turned on and off with a button mounted on the dash. No good reason to turn it off. Just leave it on all the time.

TCS stands for Traction Control System.

TCS stands for traction control system.Your owners manual explains how to use it.

I had the ABS light the light (which is the TCS indicator light) and the TCS light all on at the same time. Turned out to be one of my ABS sensors. According to my repair manual it states many diff things with all 4 lights involved with the TCS/ABS system. If its just the TCS system and not ABS then you will have only the TCS light on. If you have all 4 lights on (the 3 mentioned above) and the (Brake) light on then you have a problem with your entire ABS system. Hope this helps.

I have a 2000 pontiac montana. the tcs is know as traction control system. if your car is slipping a lot through water or snow, press that button and it will reduce slipping and wheel spin.

When my 2002 Honda Accord Ex - V6 get problem in cold temperature, The "TCS" signal would be set; the care can only drive slowly (lesss than 30 MPH). I took the car to AutoZone, they checked the engine and give me Trouble shooting P1607. No more deeep diagnostic can be performed other than an Honda Dealer. Then I took the car to Neil Huuma Honda, when the "TCS" was not set; because the service representative promissed me they can perform the diagnostic no matter "TCS" was set or not. I showed P1607 trouble shooting code to the Honda Dealer, and they said the previous checking means nothing. However, after I paid $89.00 to Honda Neil Huffman Honda Dealer. I only got the following information about the checking: Diagnosed code 1607 Internal PCM Faillure, Needs PCM Replaced Parts $566.00, Labor 200.00. Neil Huffman Honda had no print out diagnosed reports for me at all, except they are very eager to change the very expensive computer...... Should anyone knows more detail about this?

It means: (tcs) traction control system, which is enable the computer to control the wheels from slipping into wet roads or from snow.

TCS stands for traction control system. The TCS light comes on whenever one of your wheels is turning at a faster rate than the other (as in losing traction on wet pavement). The "system" automatically slows the wheel down that spinning too fast. The light comes on whenever it's actively performing it's intended function.

There is a button on the dash marked trac. PUSH IT/////actually the button is on the center council on my 2004 gt2

Press the "TCS" button by the shift lever, and notice any change in lights on the dash by the Tachometer/Speedometer. If no change after pressing the button, check the fuse for the TCS. If the fuse is good, you may need to check the TCS/ABS sensor cable hooked to the front wheels, inner and under, towards the rear of the front wheels. Frayed or disconnection with the TCS wire could be the culprit.

This is the procedure for resetting the tsc light on the 99 Acura RL which should be the same. Set the parking brakes,push and hold the tcs switch (button) turn on ignition switch hold for 4 to6 seconds let go of tcs switch (button) should blink twice push button again light should go out,turn off ignition,then recheck for codes. Repeat if necessary.

This means the Traction Control System has kicked on. Your wheels lost traction and it has actived. You can turn your TCS off by hitting the button and then it will stay lite. The Acura automatically resets this system to ON whenever you start your car so to turn it off you will have to keep pushing the button to off. TCS is great when the roads are slippery so I wouldn't turn it off then.

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