What does the X in Xmas mean?


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Originally the X was not an X as we use it in the English alphabet; it was the Greek letter chi which looks very similar to an X.

The Greek letter X (chi) is the first letter of the Greek word for Christ, Xristos ( Χριστός) so Xmas therefore means "Christ's Mass" which is what the word Christmas actually means.

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Xmas, or in some cases X-mas, is an easier way to write Christmas. So in many ways, the X in Xmas stands for Christ.

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Many people have used the word Xmas as an abbreviation for Christmas, where the X is short for the word Christ and is combined with the word Mass and results in Xmas.

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Xmas is an abbreviation for Christmas that began in the early days of Christianity. The Greek letter "chi" looks like an X. The "chi" or X is a shortened name of Jesus.

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It is disrespectful only if you mispronounce it Eksmas. In the abbreviation Xmas (pronounced "Christmas"), the X- is not the Roman letter x. It is the Greek letter chi, which is long-established as a proper abbreviation for Christ.

Yes, Xmas is another way of writing Christmas.The use of Xmas goes back centuries. X has been used in religious writings as a shorthand or abbreviation, where X represents chi in the Greek alphabet. Chi is the first letter in the Greek spelling of the word Christ.

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There really is no symbolism to the phrase "Xmas". It was just made to shorten Christmas.

X first became a replacement for the word Christ on Xmas cards back in the sixteenth century. It was not a secular attempt to take Christ out of Christmas which is a popular belief.

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Xmas ( pronounced krissmuss ) is an abbreviation of the word "Christmas."

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