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== == The word is Galitzianer, and it refers to a Jew from the south-eastern region of the Eastern-European Yiddish speaking world. It implies that a person speaks Yiddish with a certain dialect, and there are cultural differences as well. The "opposite" is a Litvak, a Jew from the north-eastern areas such as Lithuania.

The name originated as the Yiddish term referring to someone from Galicia, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in modern-day Poland and Ukraine. As opposed to the Litvaks of Belarus, north-eastern Poland and Lithuania, Galitsyaners spoke a separate dialect of Yiddish. Eventually, the term referred to anyone who spoke a similar dialect, broadening the term to mean, basically, "anyone who isn't a Litvak".

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Q: What does the Yiddish word 'Galitsiana' mean?
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