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Offer 3 monsters on your side of the field and add them to RA's attack points. This card is not effeted by spell & trap cards that target it if this card is special summoned from the grave it only stays on the field for one turn you may also pay any amount of your life-points all the way down to 1 to increase this cards attack by the amount that was payed.

* This monster can only be normal summoned or set by tributing 3 monsters. The ATK and DEF of this card becomes the sum or the respective ATK and DEF values of the monsters used to summon this card. If this card is special summoned from the graveyard, it is destroyed during the end phase. While this card is face up on the field, it can not be destroyed by Spell, Traps or Monster effects and is unaffected by them. You can also Pay all but 1 life point to increase the ATK and DEF of this card by the amount payed. You can also pay 1000 life point to destroy one monster on the field. *

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Q: What does the Yu-Gi-Oh card called The Winged Dragon of Ra do?
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What is the worst yugioh card?

winged kuribo

How much is the winged dragon of ra yugioh card worth?

it depends on its condition and rarity but normally i think around $5

Can Arceus defeat winged dragon of ra?

arceus is a Pokemon not a yu-gi-oh! card. but if i was a yugioh card it probably would not stand a chance

Whats the beat card in Yugioh?

The best card in yugioh is the judegement dragon card.

How much money is a winged dragon of ra yugioh card worth?

On Amazon you can get a used one for 45 pounds, a new one would cost £59.99

What is the strongest card in yugioh?

majestic star dragon.

In yugioh what is the fusion card called if you fuse curse of dragon and dark magician girl?

cursed magician

How do you get crimson dragon on yugioh 5ds tag force 4?

Not, the crimson dragon is not a card.

Which god card is the strongest?

the winged dragon of ra

Who is the best god card?

The Winged Dragon of Ra.

Is there a Yu-Gi-Oh card called angel dragon?

there is no angle dragon in yugioh, they might come out with one in the future, but i doubt it

What are the Yugioh serial numbers for obelisk the Tomentor Slifer the Sky Dragon and The Winged Dragon of Ra?

there isn't a serial number it just says This Card Cannot Be Used In A Duel. --hey um u know how u say it ses it cannot be used in a duel what about the winged dragon a ra the serial number there is in japanese. - That still says "This Card cannot be used in a duel" just in Japanese.

Is there a yugioh card called Eight-head Dragon?

Yes and no - there is a card called Yamata Dragon which is based on Yamata no Orochi, an eight-headed dragon. You might see counterfeit cards, fake versions of Yamata Dragon where they have translated Yamata to Eight-headed.

Picture of back of the winged dragon of ra?

on the back of the winged dragon of the is not the same colour asany other card its brownish orange

Where could you find a mint condition Winged Dragon of Ra near Jordan Montana?

Go online and buy a FACTORY SEALED copy of "Yugioh Dawn of Destiny". The card comes with the game.

How much is red eyes b dragon worth?

The Red Eyes B Dragon Yugioh card is worth approximately $1. The price of the Yugioh card may vary depending upon its condition.

Are slifer and the winged dragon of Ra still out?

The Winged Dragon of Ra is it's at The Final Boss card shop and maybe Slifer as well

Where can you find armored dragon?

There is this website, yugioh it has every single card.

When is Life Stream Dragon coming out as a Yugioh card?

i think in spring 2011

Is two stardust dragons a good trade for a winged dragon of ra?

Under no circumstances. The "Winged Dragon of Ra" Card is a card that you are not allowed to play officially, since it has not yet seen a official release yet. There is a official version of the Winged Dragon of Ra - Card, but it is not yet released outside of Japan. And even if it is the official Winged Dragon of Ra (though if it is in Japanese you're not allowed to use it anyway), Stardust Dragon is the better choice. So I advise you to keep your Stardusts!!!

What is the best five Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

the answer will be an opinion, but i think the best 5 Yugioh cards are the Winged Dragon of Ra, Obelisk the Tormentor, The Wicked Avatar, Dragon Master Knight, and The Tyrant Neptune. These are the real version of the Winged Dragon of Ra and Obelisk the Tormenter. Watch out, there are fake versions of these cards. It says "This card cannot be used in a duel" in the bottom left corner of fake cards, in either English or Asian. There are not any fake versions of the other above cards (unless they weren't made in a yugioh card making place, ex. printing out a picture of a card on line).

What is the rarest Yugioh card as of right now?

Blue-eyes white dragon is the rarest card as of right now.

Is the creator of light horakhty the most powerfull card in yugioh?

In the show? No. Technically, the creator of light was never used as a card. In the game? Once again, no. As far as I know, the creator of light was never made a card. The strongest card overall in my opinion is Winged Dragon of Ra, however, for "Legal" cards, Either Dragon Master Knight, or Five headed Dragon are strongest single cards in terms of attack points.

Is the yugioh dragon master knight card banned?

no and it never will be, it may be a good card, but is extremly hard to get it out, not worth summoning it...

The strongest dragion yu gi oh card?

the winged dragon of ra XXXX atx points Winged Dragon of Ra hasn´t xxxx atk points also That card cant be played the best is FGD