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Sr is the abbreviation for Strontium - a chemical element (symbolSr and atomic number38). An alkaline earth metal, strontium is a soft silver-white or yellowish metallic element that is highly reactive chemically.

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How do you spell out Sr?

The abbreviation Sr. can refer to Senior, after a person's name, indicating he has a son with the same name.SR can also mean "sustained release" following a drug's name, meaning it is released slowly over an extended period of time into the body.The abbreviation Sr. before a Spanish name is Señor(Mr.).

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The abbreviation for Seaman Recruit is SR.

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What is the abbreiation for senior?

The abbreviation is: Sr.

What is the abbreviation for refrigerated?

REFER is the abbreviation for refriderator

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What is the abbreviation for senjor Mr. in Spanish?

Sr. is the abbreviation for señor in Spanish

What is Barack Obama's father called?

Barack Obama, Sr. Sr. is an abbreviation for Senior.

Abbreviation for senior?

why abreviate the word, it is short enough already. However, try Snr The correct abbreviation for senior is Sr. e.g. Martin Brian Hughes Sr (he has a son of the same name who is referred to as Martin Brian Hughes Jr) Sr. and you misspelled abbreviation.

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What does km mean in chemistry?

The abbreviation km has no special meaning in chemistry that I'm aware of. It does of course stand for kilometers, but chemistry doesn't tend to measure things in kilometers.

How do you abbriviate senior?

The abbreviation for the word 'Senior' is 'Sr.'

What does the medical abbreviation SR mean?

Sedimentation Rate

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Senior is usually abbreviated to 'Sr.'

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Sol is an abbreviation for solution.

What does the abbreviation ATM stand for in chemistry?

In chemistry, as well as in many other fields, the abbreviation "atm" stands for "atmosphere." The unit atmosphere has a torr of 760.

What does cg an abbreviation for in chemistry?

cg is an abbreviation for centigram; 1 cg = 0,01 g.

What is the abbreviation of strontium?

SrActually called the symbol for strontium.

What does the abbreviation Messrs for?

It is the abbreviation when you refer to more than one Mister (Mr.).