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STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease.

S.T.D. with periods stands for Doctorate of Sacred Theology. most famously seen on the cover of the Strong's concordance.

In the context of telephone codes, STD stands for "Subscriber Trunk Dialling," which is to say intercity calls dialed directly by the customer without operator assistance. "STD Code" is another term for telephone area code.

On a paycheck, STD can stand for short term disability.

STDev can also stand for "standard" or "standard deviation"
STD Means Standard Trunk Dialing
Sexually Transmitted Disease.
If by that you mean "what does STD stand for?", it means Sexually Transmitted Disease.

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What does the medical abbreviation STD mean?

STD means sexually transmitted disease.

What is the standard abbreviation for standard?


Does STD mean HIV?

STD does not mean HIV.

Does having fatigue mean you have a STD?

Having fatigue doesn't mean you have a STD.

What is the abbreviation for standard?

stand.AnswerIt may be "non standard" but I often see "std" used for this word.

What does STD mean to everyone?

std means sexually transmitted disease.

If you have a cut does it mean you have a STD?

No it does not mean you have a STI.

Does abbr mean abbreviation?

Yes, abbr is the abbreviation of the word abbreviation or abbreviate.

What does exposed to an STD mean?

It means you may have put your self at risk of getting an std.

What does the abbreviation NO mean?

The abbreviation of NO i believe is New Orleans

What does the abbreviation max mean?

Max is an abbreviation for maximum.

What is the abbreviation of temp?

Do you mean, what is temp. the abbreviation for? Temperature. Temporary.

What does abbreviation engg mean?

The abbreviation of Engg. means Engineering.

What does the cooking abbreviation teaspoon mean?

The abbreviation for teaspoon is 'tsp'

What does the abbreviation of ET mean?

E.T. is an abbreviation for extra-terrestrial.

Can you have bacterial vaginosis without having an STD?

Yes; if you have BV it doesn't necessarily mean you have an STD also.

Does having leukocytes in your blood mean you have an STD?

Leukocytes in your blood are normal; they're supposed to be there. They are not a sign of an STD.

Does it mean you have an STD if after you urinate and feel a quick pain but not burning?

it could be a STD or a UTI (bacterial infection).

What would you be using if you had a STD code?

Most likely a telephone. STD is an abbreviation for Subscriber Trunk Dialling, which is another term for customer-dialed long-distance calls (as opposed to ringing an operator and telling her the number).

What does a std mean?

Sexual transmitted diseases

What does mW mean?

MW is the abbreviation for megawatts. mW is the abbreviation for milliwatts.

What does the abbreviation eg mean?

abbreviation of exempli gratia, Latin for "for example"

What does the medical abbreviation FLDR mean?

no medical term with fldr abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for garage?

If you mean a multi-car garage, then the abbreviation is 'multi'.

What does the medical abbreviation inj mean?

Inj. abbreviation means: injection