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Q: What does the acronym AS stand for in special education?
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What does the acronym SPEE stand for?

The acronym SPEE can stand for many different things. SPEE can stand for Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers, Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education and Special Purpose End Effector.

What is the Acronym for bachelor of special education?


What does acronym TRICKS stand for by Madeline HUNTER?


What does the acronym TRICKS by Madeline Hunter stand for?


What does the governmental acronym MINEDU stand for?

The governmental acronym MINEDU stands for Ministry of Education. This acronym is used for the education boards in New Zealand, Peru, Greece and Finland.

What does the Acronym DECA stand for?

Distributive Education Clubs of America

What does the acronym DRE stand for?

Either Director of Religious Education or Doctor of Religious Education.

What does the acronym SIG stand for?

SIG stands for Special Interest Group.

What does the acronym D A R E stand for?

Drug Awareness and Resistance Education

What does the acronym SPV stand for?

There are a number of different things that the acronym SPV could stand for. Some of the things that it could refer to are Special Purpose Vehicle, Supervisor, Special Purpose Venture or Self Piloted Vehicle

What does the acronym GOE stand for?

There are several possible interpretations of the acronym "GOE". It could stand for the Grupamento de Operacoes Especiais, a special operations division of the Brazilian police.

What does the acronym GEST stand for?

The acronym GEST has a number of possible meanings. It can stand for 'Grants for Education Support and Training', 'Goddard Earth Science and Technology' or 'Galactic Exoplanet Survey Telescope'.