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MLB stands for Major League Baseball ...

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Major League Baseball Players Association

The letters NL stand for National League, one of two leagues that make up Major league baseball. The other is AL, American League.

BCHL acronym stands for the British Columbia Hockey League. The League was founded in 1961 and is a division of the Canadian Junior Hockey League. BCHL features Junior A League players.

The acronym NTL can stand for a number of things. One of them is the National Touch League. It is an annual touch rugby competition held in Australia.

The acronym GSL can stand for many things. It could stand for Global Starcraft league (which involves video games), or Global Ship Lease, which is on the stock markets.

AL - American League NL - National League The AL and NL make up MLB (Major League Baseball).

{| ! Acronym ! Definition | WTFL Winnipeg Touch Football League (Canada) |}

The acronym of FEL can stand for many different meanings. It could stand for felony, future economic loss, full employment league, first element launch, and also feature exchange language.

What does the acronym D.R.I.V.E. stand for?

The acronym NCL stands for many things. Some examples would be Norwegian Cruise Line, New Caladonia, National Consumer League, and National Charity League.

Be more specific, MLB can stand for different things. So can blacks.

MLB may stand for several different things. It is most commonly understood to stand for "Major League Baseball", a baseball organization popular in the United States. In business and accounting it stands for "Material, Labor, Burden."

national league baseball

UIL can stand for University Interscholastic League. It was created by the University of Texas at Austin to provide leadership and guidance to public schools.

The acronym AWH can stand for two different phrases. The phrases that the acronym AWH can stand for are: Antique White House, and after working hours.

GBL in Baseball means "Golden Baseball League

There are many different possible organizations and businesses that the acronym ICAN could stand for. This acronym could stand for the International Cesarean Awareness Network. This acronym could also stand for the Independent Community Arts Network.

There is no acronym with the letters CORNER. It does not stand for anything because it does not exist. No concept or organization uses the acronym CORNER.

WC is the acronym for "washcloset" or bathroom.

It's not an acronym. It doesn't stand for anything. wireless fidelity

The acronym CLB stands for the Columbus Blue Jackets, a hockey team in the National Hockey League. They were an expansion team in 2000 and made the playoffs for the first time in 2009.

American League Division Series.

The acronym AWSHX can have a couple of meanings that it can stand for. One of the major meanings is American Funds Washington Mutual Investors on the stock exchange.

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