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What does the atmosphere contain?

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"The_Earth's_Atmosphere" id="The_Earth's_Atmosphere">The Earth's


There are many things in the atmosphere, but basically it is made

up of two different elements which are gases. Measured by volume

(not weight) completely dry air contains approximately 78% nitrogen

and 21% oxygen with about 1% of everything else. The extra 1% or so

of total air content consists of many different things. It is

mostly argon plus small amounts of carbon dioxide and a number of

other gases. However, air is not normally dry so you have to factor

in an average of about 1% or more of water vapor. In addition to

those things, air also contains dust, pollen, spores, ash, and

various chemical pollutants. If you consider the air by mass or

weight instead of volume then some of those gases like water vapor

and carbon dioxide which are heavier would consist of a larger

percentage of the air. The same would be true of particles and

other pollutants in the air.

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