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The Earth's AtmosphereThere are many things in the atmosphere, but basically it is made up of two different elements which are gases. Measured by volume (not weight) completely dry air contains approximately 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen with about 1% of everything else. The extra 1% or so of total air content consists of many different things. It is mostly argon plus small amounts of carbon dioxide and a number of other gases. However, air is not normally dry so you have to factor in an average of about 1% or more of water vapor. In addition to those things, air also contains dust, pollen, spores, ash, and various chemical pollutants. If you consider the air by mass or weight instead of volume then some of those gases like water vapor and carbon dioxide which are heavier would consist of a larger percentage of the air. The same would be true of particles and other pollutants in the air.
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Q: What does the atmosphere contain?
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What the layers of the atmosphere contain?

The layers of atmosphere contain various gases. Ozone is one of them.

What harmful substance does the atmosphere contain?

The atmosphere can contain harmful substances called Air Pollutant.

What did the early atmosphere contain?

EARLY ATMOSPHERE have humidity

Does the atmosphere contain oxygen?

The atmosphere contain different kind of gases and one these gases is oxygen.So your answer is yes.

What does the atmosphere contain in a layer that helps the stratosphere?

Atmosphere does contain many layers. A layer that helps in stratosphere is ozone.

What percentage of the atmosphere is argon?

The standard atmosphere contain 0,934 % argon.

Does the atmosphere contain hydrogen gas?

Earth's atmosphere?Yes.0.0000055 %

Does the atmosphere has hydrogen gas?

Atmosphere contain only traces of hydrogen.

Atmosphere gases in the precambrian?

What evidence shows that the Precambrian atmosphere did not contain oxygen?

Does the earths atmosphere contain nitrogen?

Yes. Earth's atmosphere is about 78% nitrogen.

What Contain the element Argon?

The earth's atmosphere.

Why do you think does the atmosphere contain over half of all the air in the atmosphere?

solid and liquid

How are all the layers of the atmosphere alike?

All the layers of atmosphere are alike. They all contain air.

Does Saturn's satellite Titan's atmosphere contain nitrogen?

Yes. Titan's atmosphere is mostly nitrogen.

What is the chemical makeup of the atmosphere in Uranus?

The atmosphere of Uranus contain hydrogen, helium, methane, etc.

Which layer of the atmosphere contains almost all of the mass of the atmosphere?

There are layers which contain almost the whole mass of atmosphere. The layer is troposphere.

The primitive earths atmosphere did not contain?

free oxygen

What does each layer of the atmosphere contain?

the anwer is zonee

The primitive earth's atmosphere did not contain?

free oxygen

Does mercury have humidity?

no! it doesn't have an atmosphere to contain humidity.

The primative earths atmosphere did not contain?

Free oxygen

Does the mesosphere contain the coldest part of the atmosphere?


The primitave earths atmosphere did not contain?

Oxygen gas

Does the atmosphere contain the ozone layer?

yes i think

What regions contain ozone?

stratosphere a layer in the atmosphere