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Beer me some new Bones. He is a great philosopher. "Beer Me" is a probable reference to "The Office" show. As for the "bones" - your guess is as good as mine!

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What music video has an Asian guy is sitting back to back with his ex girlfriend or something and they're on stools and he's playing his guitar?

david choi- won't even start

What spanish music video where a old man plays guitar with two women next to him and throughout the video people and moving back and forth in a musical way?

La Camisa Negra by Juanes.

When is Fall Out Boy getting back together?

Pete Wentz said in front of a camera that they will be active with their music again in 2012.

Is Selena Gomez in the Jonas brothers music video to get back at miley?

no they just wanted a friend to be in the music video

What actors and actresses appeared in Scumbag Official Music Video by Leave It to Us - 2012?

The cast of Scumbag Official Music Video by Leave It to Us - 2012 includes: Dustin Castella as Drum and Back Up Vocal Evan Finkelstein as Lead Vocal and Bass Bryan Montsalvetge as Guitar and Back Up Vocal

What instruments do the Fall Out Boy members play?

Pete Wentz plays bass and back up vocals/ screamer Joe Trohman plays guitar and is a back up vocalist Andy Hurley plays drums and percussion Patrick stump is the lead singer and plays guitar

What is the music video with girls playing guitar horns and other instrument wearing afros it is dance song with a distinct horn section and the back ground is purple?

Its called "Let me think about it" Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand. Been searching for a name for this music video for ages.

Who was in madonna's single music?

Do you mean back-up singers? Or do you mean "who was in the music video''?

Who plays each instraments in i don't care-fall out boy?

Andrew (Andy) Hurley--Drums. Patrick Stump--lead vocals and guitar. Joe Trohman--lead guitar. Pete Wentz--back up vocals, bass.

Who is the black dancer in lean back music video?

Ravyn Lotito

Which Gorillaz music video does Noodle ride on 2Ds back?


Lean back video?

The Lean Back music video was released in the year 2004. The song is performed by the Terror Squad and is from the album True Story.

What is the name of a girl band that had a music video with a fallen angel with broken wings running through the wod bleeding from his back?

Their called Kittie, and the music video was Charlotte.

What is being buried in the music video back to black?

Amy Winehouse's heart.

Did Cher Lloyd get arrested?

no it was just in the music video want u back

Are Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz back together?

no they are not and she has a new bf

Is Miley in Taylor Swift's music video of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together?

Currently, I'm not aware of any Miley being in Taylor Swift's official music video of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

When is Taylor Swift's new music video for Back to December coming out?

Back to December as already been debuted

What is the First electric guitar record?

The first recording with an electric guitar was back in the 50's, by American Country Music duo Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant, it featured West on the pedal steel guitar and Bryant on the electric guitar.

Where was the music video for Queen's song We Will Rock You filmed?

Roger Taylor's back yard.

Who is Taylor swifts back up singer?

it is demi lavato in the haunted music video

What music video is it with a girl in the back of a truck playing the piano?

Robert Miles - Children

Does matty b have a iPhone?

In his music video want u back says he has an iPhone.

What is the best music video that Taylor swift in 2011?

Either Mine or Back to December!

When were music videos invented?

The first instance of a music video can be traced back to 1894. A projector sent images on a screen while music played, and was referred to as illustrated music.

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