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what- Karen draws LMNOPQR on her computer screen. She then rotates the arrow 180Β° counterclockwise around the origin.What is the rotation rule?

(x, y) -> (-x, -y)

Which are the reasons of Harold godwinson's death?

because he got hit in the eye with an arrow then stamped on by a horse

Which way does a fuel filter go on a 99 Chevy Silverado?

The arrow goes toward the engine.

What does jewelry stamped with 14K followed by two arrows mean?

what does an arrow stand for on a piece of 14k jewelry

Is your diamond ring stamped U with a arrow through it 10 is it real gold a a real diamond?

Yes it's real

Do the nipples on filter on 1989 wrangler have to point a certain way for circulation?

Yes, there should be an arrow with the words " flow " stamped on the filter.

How do you install timing chain tensioner on 1996 jaguar xj6?

Just did this on my XJS, remove the ditributor (mark where the rotor is pointing). Unbolt the two bolts holding the old tensioner in place. Pull the old tensioner out. Pull the piston out of the new tensioner and coat with motor oil. install the new tensioner with the arrow pointing upward, make sure the slot for the tensioner blade is in the same position as it was when you pulled out the old one. Bolt the new tensioner in place, torque bolts to 21lbs. Reinstall the distributor. Crank the engine a few times before putting the coil wire back on to prime the new tensioner with oil pressure. That's it, done.

How do you install serpentine belt on 2000 town car?

there is a square shape hole in the tensioner pulley with a directional arrow on it get a 3/4 or 5/8 breaker bar pull it in the direction that the arrow is facing. when you do that, just pull the belt off.

Is a 1994 ford ranger tensioner pulley spring loaded cant get it locked back in place?

The tensioner has an arrow on it, indicating the direction it needs to be pulled to allow the installation of the belt. The pulling is accomplished by putting a standard 3/8" ratchet driver into the square hole, and putting hand pressure on the handle of the wrench. The square hole is in the middle of the tensioner, and you just pop your wrench into it like its a socket. Use a long driver, so its easier to overcome the tensioner spring.

Should you have the A arrow or B arrows pointing up on your cam gear for a 1987 Madza B2000?

You need the ( A ) pointing towards the metal arrow stamped in the cover up.A is considered to be the number 1 tdc position for the cam.Just turn the engine by hand line the A up to the arrow and it is top dead center.I figure your doing a timing belt.

Which way does a thermostat go on a taurus 1997?

There should be either an arrow or the word up stamped on the top side. The taller more pointed end is usually the top part.

Which direction does the gas filter goes on a 1988 olds?

The fuel filter should be stamped on one end or the other "in" or "out". Some filters also have an arrow pointing direction of flow.

What are the timing marks for a Mazda mpv with a 3.0L V6?

right side / pass. side has mark on outside rigtht and left has it on outside left, a arrow shape in the metal. bottom crankshaft pulley is 12 o'clock top center. i believe you need to repklace tensioner when doind tim belt replacement and i have been struggling to get the belt on due to cannot push back the spring loaded tensioner pulley. may be a stuck tensioner.

How do you adjust timing chain of Suzuki raider 150r?

there only a set point in the timing mark alocation regarding this ,crank with the T sign from the crankshaft set point arrow sing 2 for exhaust and 3 for the inlet upward direction of the arrow last is the tensioner it only little difference for adjusting this

How do you find timing marks on a Skoda octavia 1900diesel?

the camshaft timing mark is on plastic surround toright of pulley,looks like an arrow it lines up with two protruding edges on pulley,the crankshaft has a little arrow stamped into it,which lines up with special locking tool from skoda

What is the electron configuration of aluminum and its orbital diagram?

1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p 1s up arrow down arrow 2s up arrow down arrow 2p up arrow down arrow, up arrow down arrow, up arrow down arrow 3s up arrow down arrow 3p up arrow

What are all the fighting trick in Anime Fighting Jam?

down arrow + right arrow + L up arrow + down arrow + L left arrow + up arrow=L down arrow + right arrow + L + left arrow + L

What key should you press to move down one cell in a worksheet?

The down arrow key.The down arrow key.The down arrow key.The down arrow key.The down arrow key.The down arrow key.The down arrow key.The down arrow key.The down arrow key.The down arrow key.The down arrow key.

What are the cheats for Lego Star Wars on Game Boy Advance?

These are the cheats I have unlocked on lego star wars for gba: Darker colours: L - L - L - Left Arrow - Left Arrow - R - R - Right Arrow - Right Arrow - Down Arrow - Down Arrow - Select Sheep Mode: L - R - L - Down Arrow - Up Arrow - R - Right Arrow - Left Arrow - Down Arrow - Right Arrow - Right Arrow - Select The Story in Pictures:Down Arrow - Up Arrow - R - L - R - R - R - Down Arrow - Down Arrow - Up Arrow - Down Arrow - Down Arrow - Select Different Colour Lightsaber: R - L - R - Start

Which keyboard shortcut key moves the insertion point to the beginning of the previous word?

Ctrl and the left arrow.Ctrl and the left arrow.Ctrl and the left arrow.Ctrl and the left arrow.Ctrl and the left arrow.Ctrl and the left arrow.Ctrl and the left arrow.Ctrl and the left arrow.Ctrl and the left arrow.Ctrl and the left arrow.Ctrl and the left arrow.

What is the HTML code to display an arrow icon?

* Left arrow ← * Right arrow → * Up arrow ↑ * Down arrow ↓

How does an arrow attach to the rope on a bow and arrow?

by a noch that is cut into the arrow

How to set camshaft to crankshaft timing 89 ford escort?

If it is a 1.9,, then you point the arrow on the cam pulley up, at the dot on the head, and the crank pulley notch up, at the matching notch above it, and put on the belt. The tensioner is a bit of a hassle.

How do you change a 2000 Chevy Silverado fuel filter?

Fuel filter sits on the inside rail just a foot from the drives door. undo the claps and reattach the new filter. Arrow in the filter goes to the front of the truck.

How do you set the clock in a 2004 Silverado that does not have a hour button or a minute button?

first turn radio off, then hit the SET button then the SEEK buttton for hours and SCAN button for minutes. If your radio does not have a SET button, then press and hold the Down Arrow button for 2 seconds and you should hear a beep. Once it beeps, release the Down Arrow button. Then repress the Down Arrow button again multiple times as needed to change to the correct Hour. To change the minutes, do the same as above but use the UP Arrow button.