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What does the brake light on the instrument panel of a 1998 Chevy Prizm mean?


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June 12, 2009 4:48PM

I'm not sure of your particular make/model, but I would check the emergency brake. There is a switch that is activated when the emergency brake is pulled that probably made that light come on. This switch can sometimes go out, or go on, permanately, causing your dash light to activate. You can unplug it or even hardwire it, but I don't recommend hardwiring if you aren't mechanically inclined. You could alter other functions in the car, blow fuses, or short out your electrical system. If you do unplug the switch and your dash light goes out... replace it. I don't know of any car yet that uses the brake light for any warning or code retrieval method so if you don't want to replace it, just unhook it from the instrument cluster. This ain't easy and requires some tools and "enginuity". As with any vehicle... sometimes the replacement part is cheaper than the quick-fix. If the emergency brake switch was faulty, my shot in the dark would be to hard wire ONLY if it had two wires. Don't cut anything, just use a paper clip or "jumper" to connect the two contacts on the plug. Turn the ignition switch on, BUT DON'T START IT!!! Now, check to see if the brake light went out on your instrument panel.