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its accually at TC not a CT and it stands for twin cities...... that would be why they are called the twins. GOOO Minnesota!

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What does the letter C stand for in the logo of the Minnesota Twins baseball team?

T for Twin, C for Cities. For the twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul.

What is complement to a parent stand of dna that is A-T-T-C-G-C?

A binds to T and C binds to G. Therefore the complementary strand to ATT-CGC is TAA-GCG.

What does A-C-G-T-C-G stand for?

this is a codon a message in genetics the A stands for adenine.the C stands for cytosine.the G stands for guanine and the T stands for thymine.

What is the TEAAC paragraph?

T stand for topic sentence E stand for evidence A stand for analysis A is another analysis C is a conclusion

What does the word Twin mean in Minnesota Twins?

The word twin stands for the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul. That is why the logo of the Twins is the T over the C.

What does L T P C 0 stand for in university syllabus?

l- lectures t- tutorials p-practicals c- total credit

What does A T G C and U stand for?

well I know A = Adenine, T= Thymine, G= Guanine and C= Cytosine, however I do not know what U stands for

What do the four letters scientist often use to refer to the bases of nucleotide stand for?

These are a t c g. a for adenine, t for thymine, c for cytosine and g for guanine.

What does E-P-C-O-T stand for?

Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

What is the mRNA sequence of t a c a t c t t g g c g a c g a c t?

The mRNA sequence of t-a-c-a-t-c-t-t-g-g-c-g-a-c-g-a-c-t is UTGTUGUUCCGCTGCTGU.

What does the twins logo look like?

The twins logo has a T overlaying a big C, meaning "Twin Cities" for example the nickname for St. Paul Minneapolis. However, the Twins have a new logo, which has red letters and a line "NS".

What is the DNA replacation for t t c g a g a c t t a g t c g g a t g t g a a g t g g t g a t t?

a a g c t c t g a a t c a g c c t a c a c t t c a c c a c t a a.T, which stands for Thymine, only "goes" with A (Adanine). C, which stands for cytosine, only "goes" with G (Guanine). Therefore, the replication for it would be reversed.

What is ADTEC diamond pricing?

What does the letters A D T E C stand for in diamond pricing?

What does a-t and c-g stand for in DNA?

cytosine, guanine, adenine, thymine

What does L T P C stand for in university syllabus?


What does A stand for on a BMW?

BMW doesn't use the letter "A" for anything. Main letters are "i", "C", "T", but not "A".

How many ways can you arrange Turkey cheese lettuce and tomatoes on a sandwich?

24 different ways. wow that took a while turkey- TU cheese- C lettuce- L tomato- T Tu, C, L, T Tu, C, T L Tu, L,C,T Tu,L,T,C Tu,C,T,L Tu,C,L,T C,TU,L,T C,TU,T,L C,L,TU,T C,L,T,TU C,T,L,TU C,T,TU,L L,TU,T,C L,TU,C,T L,C,TU,T L,C,T,TU L,T,TU,C L,T,C,TU T,TU,C,L T,TU,L,C T,L,TU,C T,L,C,TU T,C,TU,L T,C,L,TU

What is the matched DNA sequence for g-a-c-g-t-a-c-t-g-g-a-t?

Well...A pairs with T and G pairs with C. So the matching sequence would probably be... C-T-G-C-A-T-G-A-C-C-T-A :)

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