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What does the cap the Muslim men symbolized?


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September 14, 2011 1:18AM

Its a show of respect; although the rules are less strict for men, men, especially muscular, handsome and well built young men, have to follow a dress code too. The religion of Islam holds the view that the female sex drive is stronger than the male, that is the reason women need to be kept under the strictest control. Although a woman may never admit to it, a woman not receiving sexual gratification from her husband, will easily be aroused by a handsome and well built young man. A happy married woman, if her husband is keeping her satisfied, could go to a male strip club full of "hot studs" and they won't do anything for her.

Although not strictly required, formal dress is generally recommended even for the men. There are mosques in India that won't let you go in unless you are wearing a "uniform," namely a cap, and a long "man dress." Some mosques don't care, other mosques have a strict dress code, in Saudi Arabia of course all mosques hold a dress code.