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Acura Integra

What does the check engine light mean on an Acura Integra?


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2005-11-29 03:16:17
2005-11-29 03:16:17

There is a problem that is emission related. Take it to an independent garage that is skillful in troubleshooting. If you wait too long you can create more problems not to mention may start losing fuel economy. Also, some cars will automatically turn check engine light on after certain mileage (typically 60k and 120k). The Maintainence Required light came on in my 1998 Acura Integra GS and a mechanic told me to try holding the trip mileage reset button in and then turning key into on position. I have not tried this yet. However, you should do general maintainence after recommended mileage or time (belts, spark plugs, fluids, etc.), but that does not always require a mechanic. It could be a bad Oxygen (O2) sensor, particularly if it is associated with your car running too rich and a drop in your fuel mileage. You can actually find out the fault by jumping out a service check connector. If you pick up a haynes manual (most auto parts stores have them)it will tell you how to do it in chapter 6.


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The easiest way to reset the check engine light on a 1995 Acura Integra is to unhook the battery for a few minutes. If the light is still on after hooking it up again, there is probably still a problem that needs to be fixed with the engine.

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You can take it to a professional, or you can check the reading yourself. A check engine light can mean many things.

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To check a engine light you need some kind of scan tool and it will show you what kind of code or codes is set for the engine light to go off.

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most likely because you have no oil in your engine check it i change the oil i went to mechanic he check the oil but light showing .

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On the passenger side of the center console behind the head unit for the stereo.

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