What does the coat of arms for Alberta stand for?

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The lion on the left side, supporting the shield is representative of the British descent of many Albertan settlers, while the pronghorn on the right of the shield is found in abundance in southern Alberta.
Above the shield is a helmet, a beaver and a crown. The beaver was once very common in Alberta, and is one of the major reasons the Europeans came here in the first place.
The Cross of St. George in the chief (top part of the shield) also celebrates the English heritage of many Albertans when the arms were granted. The cross of St. George is also highly reminiscient of the arms of the Hudson's Bay company, who were the fur traders who helped bring Europeans into the prairies.
The rest of the shield is a simple picture of Alberta's wheat fields, plains, hills and mountains The ground beneath the supporters is covered by the wild rose. The motto FORTIS ET LIBER, is Latin for "Strong and Free".
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What is a coat of arms?

Answer heraldry . the meaning : to identify a nobleman in battle. a coat of arms being an heraldic reference to a person/family and used only by that person or family. i.e, the fluer de leys of the prince of wales, the three Lions rampant of the King of England.

What does the Venezuela's coat of arms stand for?

The Coat of Arms of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will keep in its body the colors of the National Flag in three sections: The left section will be red and will contain sheaf of wheat with as many branches as there are states in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as a symbol of the Nati ( Full Answer )

What is the coat of arms?

A coat of arms is a symbol, usually painted on an escutcheon (a shield), that represents a country, institution, Royal Personage or member of the noble class. Some coats of arms are painted on an oval or lozenge instead of a shield, because they belong to a noble woman or a member of the clergy, a ( Full Answer )

What does the Paraguay coat of arms stand for?

Round, white background, red border with the inscription: "República del Paraguay", to the left a green palm branch and to the right a green olive branch , and both are tied together. In the middle there is a five-point yellow star .

What does the Belize Coat of Arms stand for?

The Coat of Arms of Belize is primarily symbolic of the importance of mahogany, wood cutting and ship building in the 18th and 19th century Belizean economy.

What does Morocco's coat of arms represent?

The inscription at the bottom says "If you assist God he will assist you"- which is from the Quran. The mountains are the Atlas Mountains and the crown represents the king.

What coat of arms Somalia?

The coat of arms of Somalia was adopted on October 10, 1956. The leopards which support the shield and the white star were also found on the arms used during the Italian administration. Formerly, the arms of Somalia from June 8, 1919 featured a shield divided horizontally by a wavy white line (Smith ( Full Answer )

What do the symbols on a coat of arms mean?

Each is different. This question cannot be answered without a detailed description of the Coat of Arms, or its name and reference to an image of it.

What does china's coat of arms mean?

China has a Coat of Arms, and it has a National emblem that serves much the same function. The National Emblem of the People's Republic of China (中华人民共和国国徽) contains a representation of Tiananmen Gate, the entrance gate of the Forbidden City from the Ti ( Full Answer )

How do you say coat of arms in french?

How you saiy coat of arme in french is je lission osre.Thets how you saiy coat of arms.. ge les-ion o-sore is how you pernonce it!

Germany's coat of arms symbolizes?

Every nation's coat of arms symbolized that nation. The German coat of arms consists of the image of an eagle.

What is the Philippines coat of arms?

The coat of arms for the Philippines consists of a centraleight-rayed sun with each of the rays standing for each of theeight provinces which are Cavite, Batanges, Laguna, Tarlac,Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Manila and Pampanga. During the Philippinerevolution these provinces were put under martial law byG ( Full Answer )

What does the unicorn mean on the coat of arms?

As Lewis Carol once wrote: The Lion and the Unicorn were fighting for the crown!. The unicorn represents those whom are ruled, and of course the crown, the monarchy. and in civilization, monarchies, lost out, and have been replaced by Oligarcies.. oligarchy: 1. small governing group: group of peo ( Full Answer )

Why is there a iguanodon on maidstone's coat of arms?

The first discovery of an Iguandon was found in Maidstone (at that time a village) in 1834. It became known as the Maidstone Iguanodon.. It still sits proudly on the Maidstone and Maidstone United Football Club coat of arms.

What does Mexico's Coat of Arms mean?

The Mexican Coat of Arms, which also appears on the Mexicannational flag, illustrates the fulfillment of a prophesy describingwhere the Aztec people would found their first city. It shows agolden eagle perched on a cactus while devouring a rattlesnake. Before 1325 AD, the Aztec (or Mexica peop ( Full Answer )

What is a coat of arm?

first of all, it coat of ARMS. and a coat of arms is a family crest. LOOK IT UP.

What does the Botswana Coat of Arms stand for?

The cogs at the top of the shield represent industry. The three blue stripes represent rivers and water, which is very important in a dry country like Botswana. The bull's head at the bottom represents cattle, which is very important in a nation where almost everyone owns cattle (there are 2m peop ( Full Answer )

What are the coat of arms for?

Coats of arms were a form of symbol which had particular importance on the mediaeval battlefield. In the absence of the communications used even in the seventeenth century (New Model Army) and later on, when several bugle sounds could be used to instruct infantry and cavalry, there was no other way ( Full Answer )

What do the symbols of the Botswana coat of arms stand for?

The shield is shaped after the shield used by the Tswana tribes.Cog wheels on the shield represent the mining and industry of thecountry. The wave symbol on the shield represent the importance ofwater; the bulls head represents the importance of water. Thesupports are two Zebra a common site among t ( Full Answer )

What stands for peace in the coat of arms?

Often olive leaves, olive branches, or doves may be used in a modern coat of arms to symbolize peace. Hands being shook can also sybolise this

What do the symbols on a coat of arms stand for?

The symbols on coats of arms stand for a wide variety of things and ideas. The symbolism of all such arms is the subject of Heraldry and requires many volumes to explain. The symbolism of a specific coat of arms might be explainable in a short answer here.

What does the Finland coat of arms stand for?

The lion in Finland's coat of arms is symbolic of Finland. It is holding a sword and trampling a sabre, possibly a Russian sabre, but that is never specified.

What is the Russian coat of arms for Domostoy?

The coat of arms of the Russian Federation derives from the earlier coat of arms of the Russian Empire which wasabolished with the Russian Revolution in1917 and restored in 1993 after the constitutional crisis .Though modified more than once since the reign of Ivan III (1462-1505),the current ( Full Answer )

What does Congo's coat of arms mean?

If relating to the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Justice, Paix, Travail. Meaning: Justice, Peace, Work. If relating to the Republic of the Congo: Unite, Travail, Progres. Meaning: Unite, Work, Progress.

When did coat of arms originate?

There were many types of 'coat of arms' for a long long time, but the custom was fully developed by the middle ages. It is argued that the different designs on ancient pottery was the official first documented coat of arms. found here: http://www.historicalnames.com/origins.htm

Explain what a Coat of Arms is?

European tradition, is a design belonging to a particular person (or group of people) and used by them in a wide variety of ways. Historically, they were used by knights to identify them apart from enemy soldiers. In Continental Europe, commoners were able to adopt burgher arms. Unlike seals and emb ( Full Answer )

What is the Udy coat of arms?

The Udy coat of arms, although I can't find an image of it, is of Irish origin. I have roots on my mother's mom's side of the Udy family. Unsure of where they originated in Ireland, there are traces of the Udy's found in Cornwall, England which is the very southern tip of England. For those who don' ( Full Answer )

What is Iraq's coat of arms for?

Iraq's coat of arms serves the same function as the coat of arms of any other country. It serves as a symbol of the sovereign nation on certain documents and buildings.

How was the blacksmith represented on the coat of arms?

The blacksmith represented on the coat of arms is an knight's helmet over the flag of whatever country they work in and the country's colors in the coat of arms. See the related link for an example of the British blacksmith coat of arms.

What does the Russian coat of arms represent?

Above the gold two-headed eagle, there are three historic crowns ofPeter the Great - one big and two small, and in the claws of theeagle are a crown, which symbolize the power of the State. On the breast of the eagle there is a horseman, standing over aslain dragon, representing the triumph of good ( Full Answer )

What does the Nunavut coat of arms mean?

The Motto of Nunavut (which means 'Our Land'), written in Inuktitutand translates as Nunavut Sanginivut , means 'Nunavut, OurStrength'.

Why do some families have coat of arms?

Generally, members of the nobility had coats of arms as a means of identification on the battle field, and later as a means of showing their noble status. Others had no need for or right to have such things.

What does it say on the garuda coat of arms?

The Garuda is a large, mythical bird and does not have a coat of arms. The Garuda is a national symbol of Indonesia, of Thailand, and of Ulan Bator in Mongolia, among other places. As such, it may appear on coats of arms.

Who designed the coat of arms of Dominica?

The design was the work of Eleanor Lovelace (wife of Lieut. Col.Alec Lovelace, C.M.G., M.B.E, M.C in post as British Administrator1960-1964 ,now deceased). The Coat of Arms was accepted with anagreed small change, which was the inclusion of a piece of landunder the coconut tree to indicate an island ( Full Answer )

Who designed the Nigeria coat of arms?

It was created in line with the National Flag and Coat of ArmsOrdinance in 1960. It was officially adopted in 1975. Before this,there were numerous coats of arms within Nigeria.

What does white mean on coat of arms?

If I'm not wrong, whit on the coat of arms means peace in mind and gentleness. Yes you are wrong. The colour white/silver on a coat of arms means peace and sincerity, the opposite of black; grief and death.

What is the symbolic meaning of the coat of arms?

You gremlin peasant you have not ascended high enough within the ranks of society to deserve to know such a sacred piece of information. Please scuttle back to the cave or alleyway from which you came.

Can a tailor lethen the arms of a coat?

The coat can be shorten, but to lengthen the coat matching fabric needs to be purchased and then sewed together. It would probably cost you a bit of money to do this job, and to find someone good at it is another story.

What are the symbols on Panama's coat of arms?

There is a sword and a rifle on the top quarters of the coat ofarms. The center shows a green isthmus with a sun and a moon. Thebottom has a cornucopia which is a symbol of wealth and a wingedwheel which is a symbol of progress.

What is the plant on the Australian coat of arms?

The plant on the Australian coat of arms is the Golden Wattle. This is the floral emblem of Australia. Originally, the kangaroo and emu were standing on a grassy knoll, but this was replaced by the Golden Wattle.

What is the meaning of the Denmark coat of arms?

The arms of Denmark (three crowned blue lions and nine red hearts in a yellow field) are derived from those of Valdemar II (King of Denmark 1202-1241) of the House of Estridsen. The meaning of the lions is unknown, although it's very likely they are connected to the two blue lions in a golden shi ( Full Answer )