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What does the code P1443 and or 420 mean on a 96 Ford Escort?


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2005-05-02 02:15:00
2005-05-02 02:15:00

The p1443 code means a problem with the evaporative emissions system. There could be a problem with a broken or unhooked vacuum hose. Also could be a problem with the solenoid or sensor between throttle body and evaporative canister.


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My book shows it to mean: Evaporative purge flow sensor fault.

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P1443 Evaporative Emission Control System - Vacuum System - Purge Control Solenoid or Purge Control Valve fault Loose or defective gas cap will cause this code.

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Trouble code P0401 means:Exhaust gas recirculation flow insufficient detected

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Trouble code P1744 means: TCC system mechanically stuck in off position

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