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What does the color black represent?

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In the Middle East, the color black represents sadness and unfairness.

People often wear it on an obsequy (death rites /ceremony). In accounting, black represents a positive income. In the occult black represents darkness, the absence of light, the adversity to all hypocrisy, the boldness of rescuing what's forgotten in the shadows, what's occult. The amalgam of all colors. The obliviousness of outer space, the void or vacum of a black hole that absorbs all mass, matter, even light, compresses it, processes it, keeps whats good, filters and renews whatever is not. As in nature, black represents the quintessence of undesirable matter or matters in all living species fathom, this quintessence keeps nature in balance, in harmony, without it, there would be overpopulation and tons of other problems. Black is the opposite to white, to light, to pureness. White is pure, unstained, uncolored, as a newborn infant that's born pure, then it gets polluted with ideas and experiences throughout its lifetime. Black and white are parameters, there is black and white (positive & negative) in everything that surrounds human eyes, all else in between are the other colors. White repels all light; Black absorbs it (knowledge.)

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What color represent jealous?

black or red.

What does the color black represent in the bible?

Judgment or decay.

What did the color black represent during the renaissance?


What does the color black represent in Christianity?

If you have ever heard of the book with no words, black represents sin.

What does the color black and gold means?

Black and Gold are the two colors that represent the football team(the Saints)

What does color black represent?

sadness,toughness,evilness,emo, me that's a cool color :D

Why does the color red represent death?

I'm sure Red doesn't represent Death. Maybe the color Black does.Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger,strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color.And the color Black means :Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery.

What does the color red and black represent in The Red Badge of Courage?

The Red Badge of Courage is considered a literary classic. In the story the color tends to mean sacrifice. The color black means death or sadness.

What does it mean when you see a black car in a dream?

There is no particular significance attached to a black car in a dream. Cars can represent travel or progression. The color black can represent formality, authority, a joyful occasion or a sorrowful occasion, depending on the context.

What color represents light rain and drizzle?

The white and the blue colors are usually used to represent the light rain and drizzle. The black color on the other hand is usually used to represent heavy rainfall.

What does lime green represent?

Black... if your never shure what will go with a color pick black if u want to fit in but if you want to stand out pick white.

What does the color black represent at Halloween?

The color black could represent the night or darkness, where it is harder to see and there isn't any light around to show who you are (everyone is in costume and walking around in the dark). If you want to take a horror-movie perspective, it could also represent evil, or fantasy creatures that typically roam the night like vampires, werewolves, or witches.

What does color black represent in the Bible?

Black usually signifies negative events in human life - evil, terror, disease, famine and death. Consider the 'black horse' in Revelation.

What HTML color would represent an ocean best?

There is the color Pacific Blue. The color was created to represent the color of the Pacific Ocean.

What does the color black represent on the German flag?

After Napoleon conquered Germany in 1806, there was a resistance group who wore black suits with red stripes an golden buttons.

What does black dots on a map represent?

The black dots on a map represent cities.

How you get black color with rgb colors?

Make sure the 3 (RGB) values are set to zero, ie. 000000 (the first two zeros represent Red, the next represent green and the last two represent blue).

What does black represent on the South African flag?

Black represent the black people/humans in south africa

What is the difference between red and black numbers?

The color. red numbers usually represent negative as seen in bank accounts

What do black dots on a map uasually represent?

Black dots usually represent cities.

What do the colors on Iraqi Flag mean?

there are three colors on Iraqi flag white black and red and the takber (arabi expression meaning "God is great" in green Arabic script is centered in the white band : the black color represent oppression and red stand of bloody struggle the white color represent a bright future ....

What does each color represent in the Mississippi flag?

red mends blood black mends black green mends green yellow mends hi blue mends blue

What do black dots on a map usually represent?

Black dots on a map usually represent cities.

What do the black dots on a map represent?

On a map, black dots usually represent capital cities.

What color is a black bird?

A black bird is black in color.