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What does the color black represent?

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In the Middle East, the color black represents sadness and


People often wear it on an obsequy (death rites /ceremony). In

accounting, black represents a positive income. In the occult black

represents darkness, the absence of light, the adversity to all

hypocrisy, the boldness of rescuing what's forgotten in the

shadows, what's occult. The amalgam of all colors. The

obliviousness of outer space, the void or vacum of a black hole

that absorbs all mass, matter, even light, compresses it, processes

it, keeps whats good, filters and renews whatever is not. As in

nature, black represents the quintessence of undesirable matter or

matters in all living species fathom, this quintessence keeps

nature in balance, in harmony, without it, there would be

overpopulation and tons of other problems. Black is the opposite to

white, to light, to pureness. White is pure, unstained, uncolored,

as a newborn infant that's born pure, then it gets polluted with

ideas and experiences throughout its lifetime. Black and white are

parameters, there is black and white (positive & negative) in

everything that surrounds human eyes, all else in between are the

other colors. White repels all light; Black absorbs it


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