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The following is quoted from the site indicated, Marine Corps Uniform Regulations: > MrV I was a U.S. Marine and the above is correct. The dress blue uniform is the formal wear for events, funernals, and weddings. Basically for any special occation. The uniform is of 3 colors, red, white and blue. The colors of the flag. The red stripes are called blood stripes. Which represents the battle of Halls of Montezuma during the Mexican-American War of 1847. The buttons all have the Eagle-Globe and Anchor on them. This is the Marine Corps Emblem.

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Q: What does the color blue in the Marine Corps dress uniform represent?
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The flag they fly if they're asked to hold ground longer than a day. No, I'm just kidding. It doesn't stand for anything; it was chosen because it contrasts well against the dark blue used in the jacket.

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I assume you're asking about the US Marine Corps Insignia;The emblem recommended by the 1868 board consisted of a globe (showing the continents of the Western Hemisphere, intersected by a fouled anchor, and surmounted by a spread eagle. On the emblem itself, there is a ribbon, clasped in the eagle's beak, bearing the Latin motto "Semper Fidelis" (English: Always Faithful). The uniform insignia's omit the motto ribbon.The general design of the emblem was probably derived from the Royal Marines' "Globe and Laurel."[3]The globe on the U.S. Marine emblem signifies the Corps' readiness to service in any part of the world. The eagle represents the United States. The anchor, which dates back to the founding of the corps in 1775, acknowledges the naval tradition of the Marines and their continual service within the Department of the Navy.There are some differences between the uniform insignia for enlisted marines and that of officers: The enlisted Marines' dress blue uniform insignia is die-struck from a single sheet of brass and anodized a gold color. The service uniform insignia is coated a flat black color.

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