What does the color red symbolise?


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what does the color red symbolise in art?


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Usually red. This is to symbolise the coming of the Holy Spirit in the flames of Pentecost as red is the colour that symbolises flame.

the colour ble in art symbolise in is loyalt and wisdom

Red and green tend to symbolise Christmas in Australia. These are the traditional colours of many other countries as well.

purity blood of Jesus and growth

white sumtyms Green 2

the colour red can symbolise many things: war, blood, killing, anger, etc. etc., so i would say that the colour red would make people feel mad.

ii tink a ruby tattoo symbolises dat their name iz ruby bd dat der color iz red

Jesus' blood when he died on the cross

pink is romance, red is love

on a traffic light they symbolize universal meaning of stop

A Red Dragon symbolises fire and passion. It also shows anger. x

Red ribbon on a corn dolly symbolises the heart, or heart of the home.

It symbolizes the apple that she eats.

The saffron represents courage, sacrifice, patriotism, and renunciation.

red is her favorite color red is her favorite color

red, red is the color of dangerred

Color of red fort is red or shades of red

any color can not make red because red is a primary color

mucus, puke, and snot, and the occasional grass that some people actually water

The color red is not made up of any mixture. The color red is considered to be a primary color.

Red wine can differ greatly in color, from a purplish red to a blood-red to even a brownish color. The color of a beet is very slightly purple, but mostly a dark red. This is similar to the common conception of the color of red wine. Therefore, you could say that beet red is similar to a red wine color.

Red berries on an Advent Wreath symbolize Christ's blood.The red berries symbolise the blood shed by Christ for mankind.

Red poppies grew around the graves in Flanders fields. some soldiers got buried there.~pce out lolaa

The color of a red bus is red because it is a "red" bus!

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