What does the dashboard symbol mean that looks like a water can but not a gas can?

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Oil Can? Oil pressure low?
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What does the symbol on the dashboard of a 2001 Ford Windstar that looks like a U with an exclamation point inside it mean?

This answer refers to the " BRAKE " warning light - Hi there I have a 2000 Windstar LX, I had the same symbol on my van its a red light and its located in the center of the speedometer. A mechanic i spoke to told me mine had something to do with my brakes and i should "take it in right away", But ( Full Answer )

What does water in gas look like?

It will have a milky appearance. If you put it in a clear container and let it sit the water will settle on the bottom.

What do the dashboard symbols on a Chevy Trailblazer mean?

Moved from answer: i want to know what a certain symbol on the bashboard means.....it show a wrench with the SUV and some wavey lines behing the SUV.....another sign shows up as well...its the SUV within a triangle with wavey lines bechind the SUV....can you assist with this ...

Light coming on at random on your Volvo V70 dashboard that looks like a fan in a box of water what does it mean?

This is your coolant level sensor or the radiator warning light. It most likely means you're coolant level is low. Check the coolant exopansion tank located on the left side under the hood on the V70. You can add straight water. Don't add just any anti-freeze, light green Prestone; it can really dam ( Full Answer )

2005 Toyota matrix what does the yellow symbol next to the gas gauge mean it looks like an exclamation mark surrounded by an oval shaped U with a squiggly bottom?

tHIS IS A TIRE MONITOR SENSOR. Check your tire pressure in all tires and than reset the system in the glove box, there is a button in there. These symbols are in your manual, hopefully also in your glove box. Hope this helps, laurine at Johnstons Toyota in New Hampton NY. You either have a low t ( Full Answer )

On your 1999 Mercury Cougar there is a light on the dashboard that is lit It looks like a jar with water in it and has an X in the middle What does that mean?

This is the low coolant light. It will go off for no reason on most '99-'00 vehicles if the level drops into the 'good' range, you need to keep the coolant topped off over the MAX line by about 1" to keep the light off. Don't drive with the low coolant light on thinking everything will be fine, it ( Full Answer )

What does this symbol on a Mazda Millenia dashboard mean Bottom right corner looks like an engine.?

it is the check engine light symbol. good luck James FLASHING Engine Light - BAD, Park the car and have it Towed to your repair place STEADY Engine Light, drive the car to a place that can pull the code. Most Commonly .. The Millenias and their Commonwealth cousins the "Xedos" all suffered a commo ( Full Answer )

What some of the dashboard symbols in your car mean?

All dashboard warning lights and symbols are illustrated and explained in the Owners Manual. See "Related Questions" below for where to find free online versions of 1996 and up Owners Manuals. Call your local Ford dealer's service department, and ask a service adviser what this might p ( Full Answer )

What is the symbol EPC means on the dashboard and do?

EPC stands for Electronic Power Control. there are many things that can set this off like a bad wire connection or a bad sensor. A dealer needs to help you diagnosis this problem properly.

What are the meanings of the dashboard symbols?

There are many meanings to the dashboard lights. The engine meansthat there is an issue with the engine. ABS and brake lights meanthere are issues with those systems. The oil can means the car islow on oil. The wiper light means low wiper fluid.

What do dashboard symbols in a Toyota Corolla mean?

The dashboard symbols on the Toyota Corolla as well as othervehicles are designed to help you know that your car is runningproperly. You will find your engine light, oil gauge, hazardlights, and blinkers with your dashboard symbols.

What does the dashboard symbol that looks like the radiator in yellow mean when it lights up?

Instrument Panel Symbol that Looks Like a Radiator . That means that there is something wrong with the vehicle's cooling system, usually that the coolant temperature is higher than it should be. . The appearance of warning signals/symbols should immediately result in the vehicle operator either ch ( Full Answer )

What does the symbol on your dashboard of a 2001 ford escape the looks like an engine mean?

That's the service engine soon / check engine light It means that a malfunction has been detected that effects the emission control system If the light is flashing on and off , an engine cylinder misfire has been detected and should be repaired as soon as possible If the light is on solid , it c ( Full Answer )

What does the Valero gas station symbol look like please show a pic?

I think it's a spinning top with a cord. I see it whenever I'm in the Greenville, SC area. Will try to bring along a camera next time! Once a Mexican acquaintance told me that that's what they call the top or the game they play with it in his hometown.

What do the symbols on a gmc envoy dashboard mean?

2006 GMC Envoy a symbol appeared and my car would not start. It was a car with a padlock attached. After I sat for a few minutes it turned back over and it drives fine. what is the symbol?

What does the symbol on the dashboard of a 2001 ford windstar that looks like an engine mean?

it is your check engine light. If it is on you are having problems with normal operation of the engine. Most of the time it is something very simple and emission related. Normally it is an exhaust gas regulation valve(egr) or an oxygen(o2) sensor. Go to auto zone and ask them to scan it for you to g ( Full Answer )

What does the engine symbol mean on the dashboard?

That is most likely the Check Engine Light. In most usual cases, it's just a faulty sensor you need to replace. Any dealer of your brand of vehicle has code readers for these lights and could tell you what sensor is faulty. Beware, they can be costly though. Anything computer is. I believe you would ( Full Answer )