Daewoo Nubira

What does the drum look like on a Daewoo Nubira?


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The Nubira has no brake drums, it has disc brakes on all 4 wheels.


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Click on this link to find out what a bass drum looks like:

Looking from front of car to engine look just behind headlamp on top of gearbox and theres a two pin plug connected to switch which screws into gearbox housing

it is in the form of a cobweb

it had a stick and a hole

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they look like a white rock, a rough pearl looking rock.

my 2003 nubira has 90000 k's on it so far i have had no real problems so yes if you look after your car it will serve you well.

Because of the shape, they look like drum sticks.

it is alike a normal drum stick

Timpani are large metal pots with drum-heads stretched over their tops. The drum-heads are made of calfskin or plastic.

look at how to set timing mark for 99 daewoo,explained it there

You can look on ebay.com and type in the search box "1999 Daewoo" Also check your local junkyard for wrecked or junked Daewoo cars...the last option you can do is buy a new one from a retail reseller of Daewoo parts

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The jack points on my daewoo lanos look like little cut out notches on the underside of the body. I have a 2001 Y reg model. Hope that helps. There is a good illustration of it in the handbook if you still have it.

If you mean the parts... Here are the usual parts to a drum set.Snare drumBass drumFloor tomTom-tomsHigh-hatCymbalRideHeres a diagram so you can get a picture of what they look like.http://home-3.tiscali.nl/~stolp01/daan/drumpage/images/drumset.jpg

If you can see the brake caliper and rotor, then it has disc brakes. If all you see is a large drum then it has shoes. If you can see the front brakes thru the wheels, you can identify disc brakes. If the rear look like the front, then they are also disc brakes. However if the rear look much different, then chances are they are drum.

Look up Race Pages auto parts online.

just look up daewoo dealer near you on your computer.if you are ithe US

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I believe it's the hose that attaches from the air filter into the engine. It may look like an accordion or a bendy straw. I'm looking for one too

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