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This phrase, originating from Niccolo Machiavelli's book "The Prince", is interpreted by some to mean doing anything whatsoever that is required to get the result you want, regardless of the methods used. It does not matter whether these methods are legal or illegal, fair or foul, kind or cruel, truth or lies, democratic or dictatorial, good or evil.

Answer 2
The phrase the end justifies the means refers to the morality of an action. It means that the morality of an action is based solely on the outcome of that action and not on the action itself. Example: Telling a lie that has no negative effect on anyone, and saves someone grief, is good. Killing someone to save others may also be morally justifiable.

A deontologist would say lying/killing is always bad. A consequentialist would say that it is acceptable if the outcome is positive. It can involve illegal activities and what some would consider immoral methods, but definitely is not based on that.

Answer 3
This refers to the idea that if you need a specific outcome, it doesn't matter how it is achieved as long as you get the desired result. For instance, if you need to pass a test in order to graduate (the end) you can justify cheating in order to pass the test (the means).

Answer 4
This is normally used to comment on the ethics or morality of a given action. By itself, it might be reprehensible. But as the only method to achieve a goal, it could be acceptable on a practical basis. A simple example would be knocking down historic buildings as a last resort to control rat populations. A more complex example would be World War II, which included bombing German and Japanese cities to reduce their munitions production.

Answer 5
It means that the benefits from something outweigh the harm done by the process. For example if somebody cured cancer, but had to kill 1 cancer patient to find the cure, they might say that curing cancer made the loss of 1 life to save many worth it. Of course, the family of the dead patient (and the legal authorities) might see the matter differently.

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Does the end justify the means?

Yes and No... Viewpoint 1 Subjective morality Ask yourself - . What would of happened if the means hadn't taken place? . Additional consequences of the means/end . How would the answers to the above questions affected you/society (depending if you are egotistical or a utilitarian) ( Full Answer )

What does justify mean?

Justify means to prove that what you said is right. It can also refer to justifying paragraphs in a word processing or desktop publishing document, by realigning the style of paragraphs. They can be left justified, right justified, centred or fully justified, meaning both edges of the paragraphs ( Full Answer )

What does justified mean?

Justify means to prove that what you said is right. Justify means acceptable, appropriate, etc...................

What is the meaning of 'the end does not justify it'?

First answer (not true): . "The end does not justify the means" means that what ever effort or what ever reason you had for doing some thing was not was not justified, because the end result was not what you wanted. And so all of the time and effort to reach that end was wasted. . True answer: . ( Full Answer )

When does the end justify the means?

'The ends justify the means' means that the end result willvalidate what you had to do to get there. It is usually used itsituations that the 'means' are difficult.

What does justifie mean?

The most common meaning of justify is to prove that something is right or correct. Justify is also a term used in printing that means to make all complete lines the same length.

What is meant by the ends cannot justify the means?

It means that if you have a goal or end to be achieved you cannot use any method to achieve it, particularly if that method is unlawful, immoral or unjust. As a example Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor. Stealing is an lawful and unjust act which cannot be justified because he gave ( Full Answer )

What does justify mean in math terms?

In math terms, it is more or less to make something sound reasonable; but in a way that is less formal than a proof.

What does the math term justify mean?

Justify simply means to show how you can change the way the problem is set up. Example: 9(4x + 5) + 4(2x + 9) = 44x + 81 Distributive Property would be the answer. You have to name the property you that is used to make the sentence true.

The Means justify the end?

The phrase is "the end justifies the means." That means that you think that it is ok to do something nasty if the long range result is good. Taken too far, this can be a very bad policy. The reverse wording, "the means justify the end" makes no sense. "Means" means the method you use to accomplish ( Full Answer )

The end does not justify the means?

There is no one or final answer. It is a matter of porportionality. It is a matter of degree. Generally speaking though the end does not, in almost all cases, ever justify the means. This question must be answered one step at a time, each step of the way, to the final end. It cannot be bundled into ( Full Answer )

What does justify mean in math?

It means to proof with a statement that is assumed true and if the assumption leads to an impossibility, then the statement is false and you have to create a new one. You use variables, its not necessary to use numbers and make a real equation. -ccs

What does morally justified mean?

Morally justified means something which has been done with a beliefthat it is the correct thing to do. This is true even if somethingmay not be the best decision otherwise.

What does Machiavelli mean by the end justifies the means?

Another important thing that goes hand and hand with the greater good is the saying that "The end justifies the means" in other words, "At the beginning of an action I might not be able to determine whether that action is morally right or wrong, but when the morally right goal is successfully achiev ( Full Answer )

What does it mean Don't let the ends justify the means?

The basic interpretation of "the end justifies the means" is: "At the beginning of an action I might not be able to determine whether that action is morally right or wrong, but when the morally right goal is successfully achieved, then the steps which led to it must be morally right too."

What did Machiavelli mean by the end justifies the means?

The phrase is often attributed to Machiavelli because it represents part of his philosophy (as in his book The Prince ). It can be rephrased as : When a morally "right" goal is achieved, the steps which led to it must be considered morally "right" as well. That "the end justifies the means" ( Full Answer )

What does justify paragraphs mean?

When using a computer or wordprocessor the left-hand margin is usually justified, which means that every line (unless indented) starts at the same distance from the lef-hand edge of the page. One can also justify the right-hand margin, but note that this can result in awkward spacing.

What does the ends justify the means mean?

The term "The end justifies the means" means that the results of some actions taken is more important than the other repercussions of said actions. For example, if the end justifies the means, then it is acceptable to kill one man (which can make his family and friends unhappy) to save hundreds of ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of The end does not justify the means?

It is a response to the expression "The end justifies the means", which asserts that sometimes you have to do bad things in order for good things to happen. If in the end the good outweighs the bad, then the net result is good. The response "The end does not justify the means" asserts that it is ( Full Answer )

What does justify your selection mean?

This statement means that you need to justify the choice of your selection. For example, if you choose a specific type of variable i.e., nominal, interval, etc. You need to show proof as to how you can statistically justify why you choose this particular variable. How can you justify the outcome of ( Full Answer )

Why is the end justifies the means a problem?

"The end justifies the means" implies that the goal is more important than the way by which it is achieved. The term goes to morality. It usually implies that a moral goal may be achieved by amoral means (example: alleviating a famine by killing people to reduce the population). People of good mora ( Full Answer )

What does justified going to war mean?

It means there is a justifiable reason for going to war. Take for example World War 2. Hitler was killing millions of people and invading countries against their will. That deemed a reason to go against Hitler. He was wrong to do what he did and he had to be stopped. Another justifiable reason is wh ( Full Answer )

The end justify the means or the means justify the end?

It's "the end justifies the means" meaning if you're doing something wrong but for a good reason it's ok. Like Robin Hood stealing from the rich....stealing is wrong but he's giving to or helping the poor in the end. The good deed in the end makes the bad deed seem ok.

What did Christ mean when he said to Satan the end justifies the means?

Your quotation is not from Christ. He never said anything even remotely similar to that. In fact, that statement was exactly the opposite of his teachings. Jesus taught to work on your heart and get it right. Do not keep coming up with all sorts of excuses and manipulations. If someone is teaching ( Full Answer )

What does justify your answer mean?

It basically means to try and prove that what you gave as an answer is right. Explain the thought processes that brought you to your conclusion, address any questions or possibly problems people might have with your answer.

What does justifying steps mean?

justifying steps means to show that the work you have done is accurate and correct so basically checking your work.

What does justified type mean?

It means spread out to fill the entire line from left to right margin, and may use irregular spacing. I tried to do it here, may not show correctly in this context. It makes a paragraph look like a block of text with the same left and right edges on every line.

What does demonstrably justified mean?

It means that through words or means, you can prove that your actions are justified. Such as, a policeman finds proof that a person stole a car, therefor the policeman is justified in putting the thief in jail.

What does it mean to be justified by faith?

Justified by faith simply means, "just if I never sinned." Jesus has taken away all of our sins. Therefore through faith in Jesus it is like we never sinned, because Jesus died on the cross and took them away.

What is''the ends do not justify the means''?

This phrase indicates that the outcome of a situation does not change the weight of the intent. For example, let us say that a man shoots a woman, intending to kill her. However, she survives with relatively little harm. This would be "the ends". His intent to kill is "the means". As you can see, ev ( Full Answer )

What does the saying the means justify the end means?

It's saying that the way you do something justifies the outcome. The morality of an action lies in how it's done, or how it adheres to rules, rather than the consequence of the action. Look up Deontology if you want to know have a deeper level of understanding

What is the meaning of the biblical term justified?

If you mean with regards to justification then it is a process by which an individual is brought into an unmerited, right relationship with a person, whether that relationship is established between people or with God. It is a cardinal theme of Scripture, how an individual enters into and lives out ( Full Answer )

What does economically justified mean?

It's simple. Imagine you import bikes from China. You pay a manufacturer $200 a piece (let's say you buy many bikes at once), than you pay more $50 a piece for shipment, more $50 at customs, more $10 for storage and more $15 for delivery from warehouse to your store. Now, if you can sell a piece ( Full Answer )

May you understand that the ends do not justify the means because there are no ends there are only means?

No. This is like saying that there are no objectives to achieve, only achieving. "Ends" are objectives. "I am trying to get the cap off this jar" is an expression of an objective. The means to the end are the method you use to get to the objective: running the jar under hot water, banging it with a ( Full Answer )

What does it mean for something to be ethically justified?

It means that the overall good outweighs whatever risks or harm involved. For instance, lets consider killing. Killing is generally wrong and should be avoided if possible. Lets suppose a terrorist has enough explosives to kill 30 people. No matter what happens, at least one person will die. Given ( Full Answer )

What does Do the means justify the ends mean?

It is a phrase that means as long as the desired result is achieved, it doesn't matter what you do to get those results. "The ends justify the means" is a Satanic doctrine teaching that we may do evil without becoming evil if our motive is good enough. So the question- Do the ends justify the mean ( Full Answer )

Did Stalin's ends justify his means?

Many people hold as a general principle that "the ends never justify the means." Those who hold this view would say that Stalin's ends did not justify his means. There are people who believe that certain ends are so important that anything is justified if it furthers those ends. If they supported ( Full Answer )

Did Malcolm X say the means justify the ends?

No one has ever claimed that the means justify the ends. Somepeople have claimed that the ends justifythe means , but not vice-versa. Malcolm X is associated with the phrase "by any means necessary."