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What does the end of outer space look like?

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As near as we can tell, space has no "end" in the conventional sense. This is similar to asking the question "What does the edge of the Earth look like?" The Earth is a sphere, and has no "edge" so you can walk around it forever and never find one.

Consider the Earth. When standing on the Earth it seems flat and two dimensional, but if you point yourself in one direction and keep walking you will always end up back where you started. This is because the surface of the Earth is curved in to a sphere, a third dimension.

Similarly, consider space. It appears to be three dimensional. But space is curved, it appears, in to a fourth dimension!This means that if you hopped in to a space ship, pointed it in to space, and kept going (for a very long time) you would eventually end up back here on Earth!

This is why we say that space has no "end" to it.

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Will Outer Space Ever End?

If you meant 'Where does outer space end?' then the answer is that the universe is infinite, and that there is no attainable 'edge of the universe'. If you meant 'when will outer space end', that's a completely different question.

Is there an end to outer space?

Space is infinite!

Where does outer space end?

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When did Homeboys in Outer Space end?

Homeboys in Outer Space ended on 1997-05-13.

When did They Came from Outer Space end?

They Came from Outer Space ended on 1991-03-19.

Does outer space end?

Space continually expands, so technically, no.

Why the wolrd is going end?

the world will end because of meteors from outer space

Does outer space have an end?

Unknown. If it does, the 'end' is too far away for us to have detected it yet.

Does the sky ever end?

Scientist say it never ends. If you were in outer space and to keep going up within the speed of light forever you will still be in outer space

Does outer space go on forever or does it have an end?

Ok, no one knows that. If it does have an end, then there HAS to be somthing outside space. it just cant be a infinity wall going infinty out of space. if there is an infinity space out here, then that is just it. space is EVERYTHING. there is no middle of space, there is nothing.

What is the next space shuttle going to look like?

there isn't going to be a next space shuttle- the shuttle program is set to end in the middle of 2010

Can giant quarantine bubbles be used in outer space?

I suppose it is phsyically possible, but to what end? What purpose would a giant bubble in space be used for?

How many miles is it to space?

The Earth's atmosphere doesn't end abruptly, so there are different definitions. One of these definitions is that "space" or "outer space" starts 100 km from the surface.

What layer of the atmosphere that blends into space?

The exosphere is the final layer of the atmosphere. It has no definite end, but becomes thinner until there is no distinction between it and outer space.

Why does outer space never end?

To be honest, no body can ever know for sure if it is infinite or not. The two most common ideas are that the universe and space do have a end but also "expand" into the nothingness where there is no time, no space, so the universe is constantly growing and can go on growing forever. The other idea is that space and time is shaped like a "horn", think of it as the universe being on the surface of a big sphere, like earth, if you flew in one direction for a very very very long time you would eventually end back up where you started. The following post belongs to someone different than the one above. I contend to say that the idea that space has an end is a weak minded assumption. Although eternity is a hard thing for a human being to grasp (this is why we have so many "physical" opinions on space) I find it settles the mind better to conclude that space is eternal. There is no beginning, there is no end, it has no shape or boundaries, it does not expand nor detract, it just IS. To look at eternity all you have to do is look up at night.

What is the distance between Earth's gravity and outer space?

The pull of Earth's gravity extends into outer space. The further away from Earth, the lower the affect of Earth's gravity, but gravity does not end at any particular point - it just sort of fades to immeasurable.

Does outer space ever end?

I know it's probably been awhile since this question has been asked. We can't say we don't know just because we have not received a scientific conclusion or report on if, where, or when it ends. It simply does not end. For this fact, just look up in the sky at night and try to imagine it ending. In your mind bring your self to this imaginary wall, and you think to your self "Hey, I just found the end of outer space!" but, you would be wrong in coming to that conclusion. Because the next question you will have to ask your self is... What is behind this wall I just found? Therefore it is impossible for outer space to have an ending. That's right my friends! When you stare into the night's sky you are literally staring into eternity. Isn't that something!?! Just think about that when you look at the sky. It's a very humbling experience.

What did astronauts use to breathe in outer space?

They have oxygen tanks attachted to there backs which have pipes with masks on the end which the astronauts keep on there face.

What has an end but no beginning a home but no family and a space without room?

Answer to the riddle- look at your KEYBOARD.

Where is the end of the space If there is no end what is in space?

there is no end to space. Space is nothingness with things in it. beyond nothing is nothing. there is no end to space. Space is nothingness with things in it. beyond nothing is nothing. well actually, i think you may get to the black hole at the end of space. and at the end of the black hole is another universe.

At what height does the atmosphere end?

There is no definite boundary between the atmosphere and outer space. It slowly becomes thinner and fades into space. Three quarters of the atmosphere's mass is within 11 km of the planetary surface.

Is their an end to space?

Actually space does not end...period

How does an end point look like?

An end point can be found on either end of a line segment.

What is at the end of outer space?

Because human exploration and observation has not reached that point, we don't know for sure. Some of the ideas hypothesised are that there is nothing at all beyond it, that there may a bubble-like skin separating our universe from the next, and that there simply isn't an end (although there is evidence against this idea).

What did the musket look like?

it looks like a rifle with a horse on the end