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What does the error code CD00 mean on a 1996 Audi A4 Delphi 6 CD player?

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βˆ™ 2008-05-04 23:24:42

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Hey, For me, it means that the changer ate my CD. I'm trying to find how to get it out. Josh

2008-05-04 23:24:42
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What does the error code error 1 mean on a 2001 Audi CD player?

It means that the CD changer is malfunctioning. Mostly happends after condensation, due to it's location near the taillight. Go in the back, clean any moisture, take out the CD, and re-insert it. Problem should be solved. Audi should put this as one of the most common defects between the 99-03 a6 There are 3 step to repair 2001 Audi CD player error If you got 2001 Audi CD player error then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems. To repair 2001 Audi CD player error you need to follow the steps below: * Step 1 - Download a 2001 Audi CD player error repair tool,install this error repair tool. * Step 2 - Click the Repair All Button.It will scan you PC for Free. * Step 3 - Then click the Repair All Button again and your done! It is very easy to repair 2001 Audi CD player error. Here are the URL of 2001 Audi CD player error repair tool:

What was the performance of Audi type A that Audi launched?

Yes is in 1996

How do you change a starter motor on an Audi a6 se year 1996?

Change starter 1996 Audi a6

What transmission fluid type is used in a 1996 Audi A6?

I have purchased the ATF 1 transmission fluid for my Audi A6 1996.

What kind of power steering fluid do you put for a 1996 Audi?

Answer;The power steering fluid I put for a 1996 Audi is; CHF 11S , From PENTOSIN ( Made in Germany )

What is error code 3 on 2004 Audi a4 CD player?

I don't know if it's the same, but on my 2002 Audi error code 3 is a jammed/incorrectly installed disc. I got this today trying to insert a disc, but the player wouldn't take it. Apparently if you pull the fuse and leave it for a while, the stereo will reset itself. Make sure you've got your code first though.

Is there a CD Bose replacement for a Audi 1996 A4 Bose cassette player?

There is a compact disc Bose sound system replacement for the Bose cassette player. The compact disc player, can be mounted in the trunk of the car.

How do you get a 1996 Audi A6 radio off safe mode?

I have an 1996 Audi Quattro A6 i changed my batteri and my radio went to safe mode. How do i get my radio off safe mode?

Where is the Audi flasher located?

1996-2001 Audi A4 1998-2005 Audi A6 1997-2003 Audi A8 The flasher is located on the dash above the radio, it is te same unit as the hazard switch.

Where is 1996 Audi A4 AC clutch relay located?

at the compresser

Where is the battery located in an 1996 Audi A6?

It is under the back seat.

Who is a record breaking player?


Where is the thermostat on a 1996 2.8 Audi A4?

behind timing belt very$$$$$

When was the Audi A3 first introduced?

In 1996, Audi A3 was officially introduced in the European market. The all-famous Volkswagen was one them, the first of its generation.

What does NO CD mean on Audi CD player?

It means there is no disk in the CD player.

Radio code for 1996 Audi a4?

Dealer can obtain that for you, or it is in the owner's manual portfolio.

How do you change the fuel pump in a 1996 Audi A4?

Have a pro go at it, PITA to replace.

Will a factory Bose CD player from a 2003 Audi tt roadster fit into a 2001 Audi tt roadster already equipped with a factory Bose cassette player?

yess easy

How do you get a 1996 Audi A4 radio off safe mode?

Need the code- obtained from the dealer.

When was the Audi S8 first released?

The Audi S8 was released in the UK in 1996. It was not released into the US market until 1999, and this new model was aesthetically different from the UK model.

Where is the oxygen sensor relay located in 1996 Audi a-4?

There isn't one, its wired into the ECM.

You have an Audi a4 1996 what is circle with a cross through it symbol in brackets on the dashboard display?

There is a problem with the brakes.

Where is the obd2 port located on Audi a4 1996?

In the back ashtray you take a thing of than you see it

Where is the vacuum pump for the power door locks on a 1996 Audi A4?

I know that the door pump in the 2000 Audi a4 is located in the trunk right behind the passenger side tail light.

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