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Muhammad was convincing people that sharing wealth is wrong (novanet answer)

i belive it indicates, that the nobility were scared of change, and they were scared that they would lose power. they also belived in a different religon then muhammed.

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What does the fact that the powerful people in Mecca wanted to silence Mohammed indicate?

The powerful people of Mecca wanted to silence Hazrat Muhammad SAW as he spoke against the worship of idols and the moral corruption that had run rampant among the Meccans.

Why did the nobles of mecca want to silence Muhammad?

The nobles of Mecca were polytheists and worshiped different idols. They wanted to silence Muhammad because he wanted the people to worship Allah.

What deos the fact that nobility of mecca wanted to silence Muhammad indicate?

(1) That they considered him a blasphemer. (2) That they were worried about losing money, as his preaching against their gods was impeding the tourist trade to the Cube Temple. (3) That they wanted to stop the fights that kept breaking out in the streets, originally started by Muslims, but quickly reaching the point where it was difficult to tell who had started what. (4) That they did not want to go to war against Medina. It was only when Muhammad and his friends in Medina actually declared war against Mecca, and seemed likely to raise an army, that the Meccans sentenced Muhammad to death.

What does the fact that the powerfully people in mecca wanted to silence Muhammad indicate?

The powerful people were afraid of losing their power over the weak people because Islam teaches that all human beings are equal in the eyes of Almighy Allah.

Why does the Archbishop of Canterbury summon the nobility to London?

Well, the Archbishop wanted the nobility to nobility because he wanted to? everyone knows that ha ha ha

What does the fact that the powerful people in Mecca wanted to silence Muhammad indicate?

Muhammad was convincing people that not sharing wealth is wrong The main objection of the Chiefs of Mecca raised against Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was that Islam preached worship of ONE Almighty Allah, instead of many idols. Islam also preached the equality of all humans . It also challenged the authority of the Chiefs. Authority always tries to silence any voice that challenges it.

Who wanted the US to go to the moon?

The Silence

Why did god send Muhammad a message?

God sent Muhammad a message because he wanted him to know that he is the last rasul and wanted people to come in islam while others fought him.

Why were Mecca and Medina at odds with each other?

The people of Medina had withheld Muhammad from Mecca. The Meccan nobles wanted to kill Muhammad because he was a threat to their power, but the Bedouins in Medina were related to Muhammad on his mother's side so they wanted to protect him

What are the release dates for Wanted Dead or Alive - 1958 The Voice of Silence 3-20?

Wanted Dead or Alive - 1958 The Voice of Silence 3-20 was released on: USA: 15 February 1961

Why did the quraysh want to kill Muhammad?

They wanted to Kill Muhammad(S.A.V) Because they wanted to stick with their Ancestors religion's , like worshipping the Idol.They tried to assassinate him, but no one was going to get the blame.

When Muhammad ali and veronica porche got divorced?

She wanted his money.

Why did Muhammad flee mecca?

Answer:)Muhammad Fled From Mecca Because People Got Tired Of His Beliefs And They Wanted To Kill Him! That's Why He Fled From Mecca!

Why did the Muhammad Bin Qasim attack Debal?

Muhammad Bin Qasim wanted to free his muslim brothers & sisters from the rule of the Indian King.

Where in the constitution does it state who can give titles of nobility?

Article 1, Section 9 says that no titles of nobility can be given. This is because the founding fathers wanted the USA to be a nation founded "of the people, by the people, and for the people"

Why do muslim's have so much respect for him Muhammad?

He was good And kind and they wanted to be like HIM

Why did Muhammad migrate to madina?

it is because the Jewish tribes and all the nonbelievers wanted to kill all the Muslims and ecspessially Muhammad. well that's my guess

Who has titles of nobility?

No one, the founding fathers outlawed the ability to give anyone title of nobility, because they wanted the people to have the power, not just one person. (president isn't a title of nobility?) Improved from: welll, im not sure. I was actually looking around for this answer, but i believe nobody has titles of nobility? this may be really stupid but can someone please improve this answer. THANKS :) J.R.

Why did Muhammad go to Medina?

because he was getting to powerful and they wanted to execute him so he fled

Why did Askia Muhammad travel to Mecca?

For religion and perhaps he wanted to..expand...the Songhai empire.

What did Muhammad ali want to do when he grew up?

Mohammad Ali wanted to be a famous boxer.

Why did Muhammad accept Christian and Jewish prophets?

Well, because Muhammad (SAW) let other people believe in whatever they wanted to and let Allah punish them.

Which planet did the silence try to stop the doctor from reaching?

On the popular British series, Dr. Who, the Silence was trying to stop the doctor from reaching the planet Trenzalore. The Great Intelligence wanted him to go there, though.

What motivated Muhammad ali to fight?

what motivated mihammad to fight was his parents because they were in bad condition and he wanted them to get better and he wanted them to become famous with him.

Why did Mohammed move from Mecca to Medina?

Muhammad S.A.W moved from mecca to Medina because the non believers were threatening to kill Muhammad so he had to move to Medina

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