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anything you want honey bunch

Who said this ^ ? How weird. Anyway, it symbolizes that Fairtrade is working to make international companies pay fair prices to the producers and farmers in other countries around the world such as Brazil, Mexico and India. So if you buy something (e.g. a bar of chocolate) that has this symbol on, it means that you are buying from a company which pays fair prices to the producers or farmers or crafts workers etc. so that they earn enough money to buy food or shelter for their families so they can live a happy life.

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Is Folgers fair trade?

No, there's no symbol on any of their products.

What does the fair trade symbol mean?

Many people never think about what the fair trade mark means, thinking its just a sign that makes people think about Fair Trade. But there is more to the blue, green and black symbol than people think. The fair trade mark shows that the product it is on is "Fair Trade certified" meaning that it has been grown and produced from a fair trade farmer and this trade mark has been copy righted so that unless they are actually produced from a fair trade farmer and cannot be forged by any farmers who are not from fair trade. The mark of Fair Trade is used in over 50 countries around the world.

Which chocolates are fairtrade?

! the fair trade symbol looks like this: so when you buy chocolate you'll know if it is fair trade by looking at the packaging!

How do you know if fair trade farmers get paid for the fair trade product?

Well that is easy fair trade means getting a fair price so that means all fair trade items with the symbol on them were given a fair wage. If you go into say a clothing department store and you want to know whether the farmer was paid a fairly good wage go up to the counter and say "Is this fair trade?"and if they say no then say "If you go fair trade I'll buy it."

What companies sell fair-trade goods?

Many shops provide fair trade goods but it won't be all there products. If you just look for the fair trade symbol on items. Some shops even have sections where all the fair trade goods are kept, but faur trade is noramlly a little more expensive so be careful how much you buy!.x

Where has the best fair trade?

where has the fair trade does not make sense but where is the best fair trade is right and there is no best fair trade

Why is fair trade called fair trade?

Fair Trade is called Fair Trade because we give something of ours and they give something of thiers which is trade and the trade is fair so we call it fair trade. so we are trading fairly

How do you know if a product is Fair Trade?

u will find the fair trade simble and thats haw u can tell if its fair trade and if is no fair trade simble its not fair trade

Advantage of fair trade?

what are the advantage of fair trade?

Is organic clothing fair trade?

yes its fair trade

Are ugg boots fair trade?

yes, they are fair trade.

Who is the fair of camel trade?

Pushkar is the fair of camel trade.

Does Jamaica do fair trade?

They do fair trade its the africains that dont

Is Kellogg's a fair trade?

They are not certified with a Fair Trade branding.

Is fair trade organic?

No, fair trade may not be organic.

Is Samsung fair trade?

no samsung is not a fair trade supporter

What does the cross symbolize to the Jews?

The cross is not a Jewish symbol. It does not symbolize anything to Jews.

Why is fair trade not fair?

It is fair weirdo

Is chocolate fair trade always fair and why?

No, because there are implicit costs to the chocolate trade fair

What does fair stand for in fair trade?

A: The "fair" in fair trading is "Making poverty history" would that not be fair. Find out more by googling "Global fair trade".

What is the origination of fair trade chocolate?

See Fair Trade Act

Is thorntons a fair trade company?

No, Thorntons are not a fair trade company.

Which celebrities support fair trade?

Cebries that surport fair trade

Who found the fair trade?

Scott James is the founder of the fair trade

What are examples of symbol figurative language?

Lions symbolize royalty, and doves symbolize peace.