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Q: What does the five pointed star reprecent on the australian flag?
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Is the flag for New Zealand and Australia the same?

The Australian and New Zealand flags are similar as they both have the British Union flag in the top left quadrant and have a blue background, but the Australian flag also carries a seven-pointed white star representing the six states with the extra point representing the Territories beneath the Union flag. Each flag depicts the Southern Cross constellation but the Australian flag shows five white stars as the Southern Cross, and the New Zealand flag shows four red stars with white borders.AnswerAdditionally, the four large stars of the Southern Cross on the Australian flag are seven-pointed, five-pointed on NZ flag. Epsilon, the smallest star, is not represented on NZ flag while it's a 5-pointed star on Australian flag.

What does the five pointed star on the Australian flag represent?

The smallest star on the Australian flag is simply there as part of the Southern Cross constellation on the flag. This beautiful group of stars is represented due to its prominent position in Australian night skies. The smallest star which appears on the flag with five points is called e Crucis.

Are there six stars on the Australian flag?

There are five stars of the Southern Cross. The larger sixth seven-pointed star is known as the Commonwealth Star.

What does the large seven pointed star underneath the cross on the Australian flag represent?

The large seven pointed star on the Australian flag is called the Commonwealth Star. There is one point for each of the States and one for the Territories.

How many stars are on the Brasil flag?

It has 27 five pointed stars.

What country has a Red flag with five pointed green star?


What is the difference between the Australian flag and New Zealand's flag?

Quite simple (1) The NZ flag does not have the "Commonwealth Star" which is an integral part of the Australian flag (this is the six pointed star to represent the six founding states plus Australia's territories, located under the Union Jack) (2) The NZ flag has the Southern Cross coloured red with white borders(rather than white on the Aussie flag) (3) The Southern Cross on the NZ flag only has four five-pointed stars (rather than five on the Aussie - four with seven points and one with five) (Typo on original answer incorrectly said the stars on the Aussie flag were blue - they are of course white

What colors did they use on the Chinese flag?

The Flag of China has a red field with 1 five pointed star and 4 miniature five pointed stars arranged in a vertical arc toward the middle of the flag in the upper hoist-side corner.

What African country has a Red flag with five pointed green star?


Which country has a five-pointed star and a crescent on its flag?

the answer to this question is the south Africa flag is the best flag with 5 points and a crescent on it.

What are the colors of China's flag?

The Chinese flag is red and gold. It consists of a gold five-pointed star in the upper left corner, with four smaller gold five-pointed stars in a vertical arc to the right of the main star. The background of the flag is red.

How many five pointed stars on Brazil's flag?

It don't matter because five point stars suck.

How many stars are on the Austalian flag?

There are 6 stars on the Australian flag. Five form the constellation of the Southern Cross, whilst the sixth is the Federation star, a seven-pointed star with each point representing an Australian state, and one of the points representing the many territories (mainland and offshore) of Australia.

What do the three five pointed stars on the Philippines flag represent?

each five-pointed star represents the three major geographical divisions of the country: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao

Why does the Australian Two Dollar coin have five stars?

It represents the Southern Cross, like on the Australian Flag.

What does the Vietnam flag look like?

The flag of Vietnam has a red background with one large, yellow, five pointed star in the center.

How many stars appear on the flag of the Peoples Republic of China?

Five. The design is red with a large golden five-pointed star and four smaller golden five-pointed stars (arranged in a vertical arc toward the middle of the flag) in the upper hoist-side corner.

What was the shape of the stars in the first US flag?

The same as they are now: a regular five-pointed star.

What do the smaller stars on the Australian flag stand for?

The five smaller stars on the Australian flag form the constellation of the Southern cross, which is seen only in the southern hemisphere.

How many stars are there on the Pakistani flag?

There is one five-pointed star on the flag, alongside a crescent (for reference:

Number of stars on New Zealand flag?

There are four red five pointed stars on the flag of New Zealand and they represent the Southern Cross.

What flag has the union jack in one corner a larger seven-pointed star and five smaller stars on a blue field?

Australia's flag.

Why did they choose to have a Australian flag?

The Australian National Flag was chosen at a design competition after the Federation of Australia in 1901. The current design with the seven-pointed Commonwealth Star on the Blue Ensign and the Union Jack in the corner was chosen in 1908.

Why are there stars on china's flag?

There are 5 stars on Chinas flag. The large five-pointed star represents the Chinese Communist Party and the four small five-pointed stars represent the workers, peasants, petty bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie four classes

What logo has Europe?

The European Union has a blue flag with 13 yellow, five pointed stars in a circle.