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What does the flying fox bat look like?


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The flying fox bat's head looks like a fox, so that they call them flying fox bat!


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Fruit bats refer to the family Pteropodidae so yes, the Malaysian Flying Fox is a fruit bat, but Pteropodidaeincludes many other species as well, like:Grey-headed Flying FoxSpectacled Flying FoxLittle Red Fruit BatTube-nosed Fruit Bat etc.The Malaysian Flying Fox is also known as Large Flying Fox or Giant Flying Fox because it is the largest bat on earth.

By kicking it. That's not nice. A flying fox is a bat.

It looks like what it is a meth head. It has scabs and scars and is high all the time.

Since a flying fox does not have wings, the body must be aerodynamic for the fox to soar through the air.

bat or flying fox and flying squireels

A flying fox is not a type of fox. It is a relative of a bat.

This could be the flying fox bat.

The flying fox bat is the Pteropus vampyrus

a vampire bat sucks blood and a flying fox eats fruit

they are hunted by snakes like boomslang snakes

the biggest bat in the world is a flying fox

A fruit bat has a long nose, pointy ears, and big eyes. They are sometimes called flying foxes because of the fact that their face resembles a fox.

Four species of flying fox, otherwise known as fruit-bat, are already native to Australia. These include the Little Red Flying-Fox; Black Flying-Fox; Grey-headed Flying-Fox and Spectacled Flying-Fox.

what does a giant golden crowned flying fox bat eat.

Yes. The flying fox is a type of bat (a fruit bat), and all bats are mammals.

Yes in the late 1500's a bat was known as a relative of the fox family.

the biggest bat is the golden-crowned flying fox

Pteropus Bat (also known as the 'Flying fox' or 'Fruit Bat')

Fruit bat Horse shoe bat Vampire bat Pipistrelle bat Flying fox

They are called flying foxes because they look very much like foxes - they have large ears and pointed snouts.

A 'pup' and sometimes a 'kit' if it is a flying fox (fruit bat) baby.

The world's largest bat is the giant golden-crowned flying fox. The average weight of a giant golden-crowned flying fox is 1.5 to 2.6 pounds.

The flying fox. It has a wingspan of 5 feet.

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