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The fuel pump is not visible. The fuel pump is inside the fuel tank.

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How much does a Chrysler PT Cruiser weigh?

A Chrysler PT Cruiser will vary in weight. However, generally speaking, a small vehicle like this will weigh about 3120 pounds.

What are common problems for Chrysler pt cruisers?

My PT Cruiser runs fine for awhile, then acts like it is out of fuel. Then in a few seconds it is back to running fine.

What does the fuel system reset on a Chrysler lhs look like?

A Chrysler LHS does not have a fuel system reset.

Were is the fuel filter on a 2005 Chrysler 300 touring?

It is in the fuel tank. As i know fitted on the fuel pump. I am also searching for fuel filter maybe needs to be replaced :) First i know that it is in the tank, then i want to see how to replace and how it looks like at all.

Where to add automatic transmission fluid in a Chrysler PT Cruiser?

You add it down the transmission dipstick tube. like i said you put it in the transmission

Where might one find accessories for a PT Cruiser?

One might find accessories for a PT Cruiser at their local Chrysler dealer. One could also try online sites like: Autopartswarehouse, Amazon and Ebay.

How do you get a 2005 Chrysler out of park?

If it is like most Chrysler Autos, you need to put your foot on the brake pedal before shifting into gear.

How do you change a fuel filter on a 2003 dodge neon?

If it is like the Pt Cruiser (same chassis) it is located in the fuel tank. You have to drop the tank to change the filter.

What does the fuel filter of a Hyundai 2005 Tucson look like?

It looks like what a fuel filter should be

Is there a manual release for the fuel door for the 1998 Chrysler Sebring?

yes there is- its called walking back to the fuel door and opening it like any other car.

Why does your 1996 chrysler concord smell like fuel in cabin?

The first thing to look for would be an exhaust leak. Check for a fuel leak on the top of the engine.

Why does my 2005 grand am smells like gasoline?

it is probably leaking fuel somewhere. either that or it it consumeing to much fuel.

Where is the factory amp in a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica?

in my 2005 its on the back where there is like and opening on the right on the bottom to the left hidden

How do you tell if your fuel pump is not working on 89 lebaron Chrysler?

when you engage the ignition.. you should hear it prime.. sounds like a whine..

What does the fuel filter look like and where is it for a 2005 chev avero?

Doesn't have one. They use a screen in the gas tank to filter the fuel.

How many mpg can you get Chrysler Sebring?

I have a 2005 Sebring which now has 65000 km. I purchased this car new. I consistently get 600 to 640 km per tank of fuel with the average fill up of 51 to 55 liters. My fuel minder states 8.1 to 8.2 liters per one hundred kilometers and if I do the math I find the fuel minder to be very accurate. I am very satisfied with this Chrysler Sebring and it has also been better on gas compared to the Honda I had before this, not to mention I like this car better then the Honda believe it or not.

Where is the fuel pump regulator and what does it look like in a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee?

The fuel pressure regulator is generally located on the fuel rail. On Chrysler products it is located on the top of the fuel pump/sending unit and is part of the fuel filter. Or it is located in front of the fuel tank and above the rear axle.

How do you open the under hood fuse box pt cruiser?

I just opened under hood fuse box on my 2005 cruiser. There is a black clip-like assembly on the driver's side edge of the cover for the fuse box that you move and the cover comes right off.

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