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What does the graph of x squared plus y squared equals thirty six look like?


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X^2 + Y^2 = 36

Y^2 = 36 - X^2

Y = (+/-)sqrt(36 - X^2)

A circle. X = (+/-) 6

Y = (+/-) 6

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its a simple parobola symmetric about y axis, having its vertex at (0,-4). we can make its graph by changing its equation in standard form so that we can get its different standard points like vertex, focus, etc.

24 squared is 24 x 24 or 24^2 which equals 576.

The picture of the graph is in the related links section.

Eight squared is like saying you take eight multiplied by eight. In this case it equals out to sixty four.

Draw the graph of negative X squared plus 5 minus X cubed and find the values of x where it intersects the x axis.

the x-axis... obviously! the x-axis... obviously!

It looks like a parabola which looks like a U shape.

im not sure sure but i think it is squares on paper and a graph then put the information on to it durr.... ;]

a square number e.g 5 squared would be like 5x5 so 5 squared equals 25 and 5x5=25

that's one It would start at 0,0, move right and up at a 45-degree angle to 1,1, then bend VERY SHARPLY upward, quickly resembling a straight, perfectly vertical line.

the question does not make sense to make a graph; you need an equation, that means there must be an equals sign. (or an ordering, that means using a greater than sign like this > or a less than sign like this< )

The equation 2x - 3y = 6 is a linear equation and a linear equation is always has a straight line as a graph

REALLY complicated math. stuff like (Delta x Tau)={Square Root of (Delta x t squared) -- [(Delta x r squared) / (c squared)]}. (After all, Einstein was a genius.)

It will look like a straight vertical line that cuts the x-axis at the point (100, 0).

it means like ac angle or a squared like in the phythangren theorem its a squared + b squared = c squared

The line 8x-8=0 is the same as x=1. The graph looks like a vertical line that intersects the x axis at x=1.

Because the letters can represent any sum not necessarily its only on a triangle where that happens the hypotenuse squared equals the sum of the other two sides squared added together like if a was 1 and b was two c could be three so 1+4 doesn't equal 9

A line graph is shaped like a triangle and a bar graph is exactly like column but bar graph is other way around

sometimes it's quick to work out as just multiply their sum by their difference. for example two squared is like 2 times by 2 which equals 4 but if its just 2 its 2

A quadratic relationship is a mathematical relationship that can be expressed by a quadratic formula in which the highest exponent is two (i.e., x squared). On a graph, this relationship will look like a parabola.

it does not work it is a trick graph its like a bar graph but not!...

"c squared" means "c times c" ... the number multiplied by itself.It's supposed to be printed with the '2' as a superscript, looking like this:E = m c2

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