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The Greek chorus was a group of approximately twelve actors who acted similar to modern narrators in Greek plays. They were integral to the plays and would sometimes have over half of the lines. Their job was to comment on the action in the play, either by speaking all together or by singing. They would dress similarly and wear masks.

The role of the Greek chorus was to provide time for scene changes, give the main actors a break and time to prepare for the next scene, offer background information and information about the main themes, to offer an insight into a character's thoughts and feelings, and just generally act as a go-between for the audience and the actors. Incidentally, battles and murders were not allowed to be performed in Greek theatres and so the chorus would tell the audience of such events instead of them being acted out.

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Q: What does the Greek chorus do?
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What function does the chorus have in Greek comedy?

The Greek chorus explains the story to the audience.

When did the greek chorus start?

The Greek chorus started sometime before the 5th century BCE. It declined not that much later in Greek history.

What did greek chorus masks look like?

go to google images and type in greek chorus masks and there should be a pic of them

What role did the chorus play in Greek plays?

I can't believe someone would write that. I was in a greek play and I was chorus and the chorus were just townsfolk who told the story. The spoke in rhyme.

What was the function of the chorus in Greek drama?

The chorus in Greek drama sang the dialogue, they told the story through music. The chorus gradually grew smaller and was replaced by actors instead.

What language does the word chorus come from?

Chorus ( or better khoros ) is a Greek word.

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What are the techniques of the Greek chorus?

a technique ;)

Why did Thespis change the Greek chorus?

He created "tragedy"

What did the chorus in Greek plays do?

they sang

What did a Greek chorus wear?

in a greek chorus they wore faded white clothes or any other kind of cloth and they also wore masks.

What role does the Greek chorus do?

i think it makes you sing in a greek voice

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Where did the chorus perform in Greek theater?

in the orchestra

Why did they use the Greek chorus?

the Greek chorus would strike us as artificial, and their chanting and dancing would add to the feelings of ritual. the chorus consisted of fifteen men in masks that would relay the information that was preformed on the stage

Chorus in Electra?

The Chorus in Electra, the Greek tragedy by Euripides, consisted of the virgin country women from Mycenae.

What was a chorus in ancient greek theatre?

In ancient Greece, the chorus was the song in the play, where the people would sing at the end of the play.

How many people acted in a greek theatre performance?

In ancient Greek tragedy, the number of actors was limited to three, but the chorus and chorus leader could also be used.

What are the characteristics of greek comedy?

One of the characteristics of Greek comedy is the dancing chorus. Those in the chorus were often in animal costumes. Another characteristic is the masks worn by the actors.

What were the functions of the chorus in greek tragedy?

to praise the gods

The entrance of the chorus in a greek play is called?


What was the importance of the Chorus during the Greek Tragedy?


What words are related to the greek word khoros?


What was the area the chorus danced in Greek plays?

The Orchestra.

What did Greek masks look like?

Go to google images and type in greek chorus masks.