What does the harpoon symbolize in The Old Man and the Sea?

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The lost harpoon - Santiago loses the harpoon as he fends off sharks, symbolic of individuals who lose their faith as life's woes attack.
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What is the symbolic meaning of a lion in 'The Old Man and the Sea'?

The lions in Santiago's dreams represented his lost youth and his decreasing strength. For instance, when he needed strength on his long and strenuous voyage he thought of his

The Old Man and the Sea as a allegory?

The entire novel The Old Man and the Sea is allegory. Many symbols such as the lions on the beach, the marlin, the shovel-nosed sharks, and many others convey represent an a
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What do the sharks symbolize The Old Man and the Sea?

The shovel-nosed sharks are little more than moving appetites that thoughtlessly and gracelessly attack the marlin. As opponents of the old man, they stand in bold contrast to