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The IAT is located in the air intake tube before the MAF.

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Q: What does the iat sensor on a 1993 mercury villager look like?
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What does the knock sensor look like on a mercury villager?

This is an image. (below)

Would like to find Location of speedometer cable on 1996 Mercury villager?

would like to know where the speedometer sensors are on a 1999 villager

How many fuel filters does a 99 mercury villager have?

A Villager, like most cars, has only one fuel filter.

Why don't i like the mercury villager?

simple, its a product of ford motor company

How do you replace the moniford on mercury villager?

I would like to answer that but I don't know what a "moniford" is.

How do you hot wire a 1997 mercury villager van?

This is not possible on a modern vehicle like the Villager.

Were is the throttle position sensor located on 2000 ford mercury villager?

The TPS is located on the back side of the throttle body. Like all other sensors on the Villager, hard to see, almost impossible to get at to replace. I would suggest obtaining a repair manual at your local parts store.

Recommended automatic transaxle fluid 1993 Mercury Villager?

Generally, Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles use Mercon ATF. For your 1993 Mercury Villager, use Mercon IV or Mercon V automatic transmission fluid. The additives in IV and V supercede any and all of the additives that are in the previous Mercon ATFs that may have previously been recommended for use in your vehicle. Hope this helps! Unsure of validity of above statements. The Mercury Villager is NOT a Ford vehicle. While it might look like a Ford Windstar, it is actually a Nissan (Quest, I believe). Mercon Transmission fluid is not suitable for most Asian cars.

Where is fuel pump location on 1999 mercury villager?

It's in the fuel tank, like virtually all modern vehicles.

1994 Mercury Villager steering pops while turning right?

Sounds like a drive axle half shaft. Have it replaced. Not that expensive.

Is there a sun sensor for automatic headlights for 2005 mercury marquis?

That's how they work! There's a sensor on the front part of your dashboard. It'll look like a little black bump.

1999 mercury sable 3.0 wont shift out of first gear?

Sounds like you have a bad Vehicle Speed Sensor.

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