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It comes from an old idea that God kept track of the good things and bad things one did and that this record would be used to decide if one was admitted to heaven. This record of deeds was called 'the good book'

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Q: What does the idiom 'to be in the good books' mean?
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This is an idiom meaning to study. The image is of you cracking a book open. When you open a book and read, it's "cracking the books."

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This is a metaphor, not an idiom. They are comparing that person to an angel, which is a supremely good being in religious lore.

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Can you give a sentence using the idiom hit the books?

"Hit the books" is a sentence.

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It's certainly not an idiom because you can figure out exactly what it means. It's telling you to start paying attention to the good things in your life.

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Hit the Books: to prepare for classes by reading and doing all your assigned homework It means to study - you're "hitting" as in coming into contact with, or impacting, your books; you're opening them and reading.

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It is not an idiom, it means your nose is itching.

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the origin of this idiom mean fail or succeed

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Mind your Ps and Qs means to use good manners.

What are some of Dr. Seuss idiom?

Dr.sues has many great books

What does it mean That's me dropped from the good books?

The "good books" is a fictional book with the names of good people written in it. If you're in someone's good books, they're happy with you or impressed with you. If you're not in those books, they're unhappy with you. You've been dropped from the good books, so you've done something that's not good.

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this idiom is similar to "horsing around"- causing trouble

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Simply its mean a bully.

What book has an idiom?

many books do, pretty much any book has one.

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