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What does the idiom what you have in mind mean?


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It's not really an idiom. It means "what are you thinking about."


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You're out of your mind means your ideas are crazy.

Mind your Ps and Qs means to use good manners.

The idiom is GIVE YOU A PIECE OF MY MIND -- Peace of mind means you're not worried.

its means that you're losing your mind, going crazy.

Cleaning ones mind of misunderstanding

Mind over matter: the power of your mind is stronger than the body (If I don't mind it don't matter.)

"Out of your mind" is an idiom. It makes no sense unless you already know that it means you are behaving in a crazy manner.

Minding means doing what someone says.

it means pain only exists if you want it to exist

It means to be more concerned about what you are doing than checking on what others are doing.

That means answering with the first thought(s) that come(s) to mind.

You don't. That's not an idiom. You are probably thinking of the phrase bear in mind, which is not an idiom. "Bear" means to hold or carry something, so "bear in mind" just means to keep something in your mind or think about it.Bear in mind, you should always look up the meanings of words in a dictionary.

Nothing. "Loud of your mind" makes no sense as an idiom or a phrase. You should ask the person to tell you exactly what they did say and explain it to you.

This idiom gives the image of your mind being lost out of your head. You can't find it. The figurative meaning is that you're totally confused and have no idea what to do or say.

An idiom is a phrase that makes no sense unless you know the definition. Can more than one person actually share a mind? No, so this is an idiom. It means that two people think very much alike on a subject.

"Hold your tongue" means don't just say what comes to mind - or think before you talk.

RFP is not an idiom. It's an abbreviation.

It is not an idiom, it means your nose is itching.

the origin of this idiom mean fail or succeed

idiom means expression like a page in a book

It's not an idiom. It means the tip of your nostril.

"Sieve" is not an idiom. See the related link.

The idiom a slap on the wrist refers to a trivial punishment.

This is not an idiom. It is a measurement. $100,000 is how you write it in numbers.

Simply its mean a bully.

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