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looks like an elbow that is flat two prongs on right elbow an one on left

2007-02-25 05:01:04
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Q: What does the ignition module look like in a 1991 camaro rs 5.0?
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1995 camaro lt1 stalls after engine is warmed up and will not restart until engine has cooled down?

sounds like your ignition module

How the cam posiyion sensor for 1991 Chevy Silverado 57 k2500 look like?

The 1991 did not have a CAM OR CRANKSHAFT SENSOR. If you have NO spark then the problem would be 1 of these. BAD ignition module, Hole burnt in the rotor, Bad pick-up coil, bad ignition coil, Coil wire. Check these things out. Start with the ignition module. That's the MOST common problem.

In a computer-controlled ignition system the ignition module does what?

The ignition control module acts like the coil and sends the sparks to the correct cylinder when the computer tells it to.

What if your 1992 Camaro RS 305 engine spins erratically but will not start.?

It sounds like no spark on your plugs check the power going to your coil if you have that then it could be the ignition module under the rotor,assuming you do have gas in it :)

Your 1991 Cadillac eldorado dies going down the road but will restart after stopping only to stall alittle while later could this be an ignition module problem?

Sounds like your electronic control module is going bad

Where is the ignition module for a 2000 alero?

The ignition module is right underneath the ignition coils. The ignition coils are what the spark plugs attach to. My alro was riding really rough so i just changed my coils and module for $200 and it runs like new. All you do is unplug the wires, unscrew the coils(6 bolts) and there is your module. :) Hope this helps!!

Where is the theft deterrent module located on a 1995 camaro?

not too sure, but if it's like the others, it's wired into the ignition cylinder. Does your key have the little resistor chip in it? (you can't miss it) If so,then there ya go.

What would cause a 91 camaro rs v8 to not have any spark from distributor and no fuel being sprayed into carburetor however fuel pump kicks on and engine cranks?

it sounds like a bad ignition module.

1994 olds achieva wont start when hot changed the ignition module work for a couple hours and now it wont stay on help?

The new ignition module may have failed. If it is a used module its probably happened. If its a new module it still sounds like failure.

I replaced the ignition module and coil packs and need to know what sends the signal to the module?

sounds like we are having the same type of issue, I replaced ignition Module and coil pack, and still no spark the last thing to change is the Computer.

Do you have to go through the steering column to replace an ignition module?

Are you talking about the electronic ignition module or the ignition switch? The ignition module sits in the engine compartment and is part of the ignition system (coil, spark plugs, etc). The answer is no if this about what you're referring. The answer for the ignition switch will depend on the vehicle you have. Some, like late model Fords, you don't. Push in the retaining pin and the ignition switch comes right out (you still need a key though). Others you need to take off the steering wheel to replace the switch.

Where is the ignition control module located on a 89 Subaru DL?

The book I looked in has some printing missing BUT it looks like the ignition module could be mounted below the steering column. It is in some Subaru's. Hope this helps.

Would like info on ignition troubleshooting for 92 Chevy Suburban?

test ignition coil,ignition module,pick-up coil,electronic spark control,and knock sensor

How do you get the wipers to return to the horizontal position on a 2002 Chevy Camaro?

It sounds like the wiper motor is malfunctioning. If your camaro has intermitten wipers there is a control module built in the motor that controls the off position.

What could cause a Chevrolet Cavalier to stop running suddenly?

sounds like the ignition control module

How do you check ignition module on 86 jeep cj7?

Buy a new one...they are like 20 bucks

Where is the ignition control module on your 1991 Chevy Cavalier?

Mine was mounted to the back of the engine block but that is in a 93 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 4L engine, yours shouldn't be too different. Just follow a spark plug wire from the spark plug to the other end. It will end at the ignition coil and the ignition coil is attached to the Ignition control module. You most likely have to jack up the whole front end and get under the car to reach it like I did (it was easier), or you might be able to reach it through the top of the engine bay.

Have 86 Chevrolet Camaro with codes 41 and 42 engine cuts off from time to time how to diag?

Do you have HEI ignition? If so have your pick up coil checked for resistance sounds like it might be going bad or check your wire connections on it. also check your HEI module at the distributor. some auto store will check the module for you. hope this helps.

You have an 1989 old 88 with 3.8l Ignition control module appears to have gone bad melted grease like substance oozing out Is this a symptom of something else or is the module just failed?

your control module did go out.

How do you replace the ignition module on Lincoln mark 8?

there is not a ignition module on these like earlier fords, no distributor-cam and crank sensors deliver information to the ECU and it determines spark by the feedback from these sensors. the ECU is located directly above the drivers feet, behind the panel.

Where is ignition control module and what does it look like in Ford Festiva 1990 fuel injection model?

i know on a wb its in distributor

What does an ignition module for a 1994 Ford Ranger look like?

I have no idea. I've looking for it for a long time. Please help!

Where is the ignition module ground in 1996 Chevy camaro Z28 located?

if you are facing the engine find the water pump and just to the right of that you will see your coil and igntion moduleand the coil has a wire with a boot on it just like a spark plug and the other end is pluged in BEHIND the water pump to the distributor

What size is your fuel tank 1991 camaro?

15 gallons but you can always top it off like at 17 max gals.

Where is the ignition module on a 1996 ford f-150 located?

At the base of the distributor, gray or black chip like device