What does the internal oblique do?

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internal obliques:
  • flexing the spine
  • support the abdominal contents
  • help breathe
  • rotate the spine

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How do you exercise your obliques?

use barbells lightly weighted. place behind your head resting on shoulders. bend to the right then up then to the left then up, repeat for approximately 10 repitions. use light weights to start until you see how much you can handle. I promise you this will get rid of your love handles as it tends to ( Full Answer )

How do you reduce obliques?

This can be tricky, if we're talking about all muscle and you have built your obliques through exercise whether directly as with side bends or indirectly through a particular sport the only way to reduce them is probably to reduce the stimulation they receive - no side bends etc. They are not a musc ( Full Answer )

What is an oblique line?

An oblique line is one that is at an angle to some frame of reference.

What is Superior oblique myokymia?

Superior oblique myokymia (SOM) is a neurologic disorder that affects vision. It is a problem concerning the fourth cranial nerve and its relationship to the superior oblique muscle.. Superior oblique myokymia is a condition that presents as repeated, brief episodes of movement, shimmering or shaki ( Full Answer )

What is an oblique ray?

Oblique is defined as 'slanting or inclined in direction, neitherparallel nor perpendicular'. Oblique rays, such as those that comefrom the sun during winter, tend to bounce away more than they areabsorbed, due to being shot at a wide angle.

What is oblique?

Oblique type (or slanted, sloped) is a form of type that slants slightly to the right, used in the same manner as italic type. Unlike italic type, however, it does not use different glyph shapes; it uses the same glyphs as roman type, except distorted.

What does the external oblique do?

The function of the external oblique is to pull the chest downwardand compress the abdominal cavity. In other words, it helps youbend over.

What is oblique incidence?

When light is incident obliquely on an interface, its s (TE) component is reflected differently from its p (TM) component. The situation is illustrated in Fig.4..

What is an oblique muscle?

Muscle in the human anatomy are often named by a characteristics they have like they may be the superior xxxx muscle or named for a structure they attach to. An Oblique muscle is just that a muscle that has attachements and a stanting angle just like an oblique in English (also known as a forward sl ( Full Answer )

What is oblique line?

An oblique line can be diagonal, sloping or slanted. It is not vertical, horizontal, parallel or perpendicular.

What is a lower oblique inguinal incision?

From Alexander's: An oblique right or left inguinal incision extends from the public tubercle to the anterior iliac crest, slightly above and parallel to the inguinal crease. This is the standard incision for open inguinal herniorrhaphy. Incision through the external oblique muscle provides access t ( Full Answer )

What does oblique mean?

Oblique has 2 meanings :- 1- Having a slanting or sloping direction, course, or position. 2- Devious, misleading, or dishonest

Definition of oblique drawing?

Oblique drawing is a form pictorial drawing with one side drawn at an angle of 45 degree to the horizontal.

Where are the oblique abdominals?

The abdominal external oblique muscles are to either side of the frontal abdominal muscles called the rectus abdominis ("six pack"). The obliques are larger and more visible in men.

What is an oblique shape?

If we're talking in purely geometric terms: If the edges of a prism/cylinder make a right angle with the base, it is called a right prism/cylinder. If not, it is an oblique prism/cylinder...it will look as if it were slanting to one side instead of standing straight. Similarly, if the top vertex ( Full Answer )

What is a oblique slip fault?

the oblique slip fault is a movement that has a combination of normal and strike-slip fault

What is an oblique drawing?

Oblique drawings are designed to show a three dimensional view of an object. It is a kind of a drawing that shows one face of the object in true shape, but the other faces on a distorted angle. Oblique is not really a '3D' system but a 2 dimensional view of an object with 'forced depth'.

What is cabinet oblique?

A 3D sketch drawn true size in its height and width, but foreshortened in its depth.

What is a sentence for the word oblique?

"In geometry, an angle between 90° and 180° is called an oblique angle." "The book includes many oblique references to government plots against the author." "His oblique answers to the principal's questions suggested he was hiding the truth."

What is an oblique photo?

Photographs taken from the air are categorised as (1) vertical, (2) oblique, and (3) fan. Vertical photographs are those taken by a camera whose optical axis is perpendicular to the surface of the earth (photographs taken with the optical axis up to 6 o from the vertical are still classified as ( Full Answer )

What is the obliquity of Mars?

25 o Obliquity is the same as axial tilt when referring to a planet or moon or other celestial body. Obliquity is therefore the amount that a planets rotational axis (the axis the planet rotates around) is tilted from a line 90° from the ecliptic plane. (The ecliptic plane is the plane of t ( Full Answer )

What is an oblique pyramid?

An oblique pyramid is a pyramid that does not have its apex alignedwith the center of its base. In other words, the pyramid leans moretowards one side

What are the oblique drawing?

The Oblique drawing is a three dimensional drawing that has the left and right angles projected at an angle of 60 degrees.

What is a sentence for oblique?

Oblique is a term used to describe something that is slanted. Agood sentence would be, the picture was hanging on the wall in anoblique position.

Where are the Obliques located?

The oblique muscles are located on both sides of the abdomen running diagonally along the rectus abdominis, which is the center abdominal muscle. There are two sets of obliques, the external and the internal. The external obliques are more superficial while the internal obliques are a deeper muscle. ( Full Answer )

What is the antagonistic muscle of internal oblique?

http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What is the antagonistic muscles of internal obliquehttp://wiki.answers.com/Q/What is the antagonistic muscles of internal oblique http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_antagonistic_muscles_of_internal_oblique

How does the fiber orientation of the external oblique compare to the internal oblique?

Imagine standing and crossing your arms (i.e. so that your right hand touches your left thigh and your left hand touches your right thigh). This would be considered the fiber direction of your External obliques which are the most superficial abdominal muscles. Deep to the external obliques are your ( Full Answer )

What is Cavalier Oblique Drawing?

Drawings in oblique projection in which the vertical plane isparallel to the plane of projection (drawing surface), and allthree spatial axes are drawn to the same scale.

What rhymes with oblique?

beak, cheek, creek, freak, geek, Greek, leak, peak, peek, seek, shriek, sleek, sneak, speak, streak, squeak, tweak, weak, antique, boutique, critique, each week, physique, technique, unique, mountain peak

What ia an oblique?

any grammatical case other than the nominate. * slanting or inclined in direction or course or position.

How do you draw a oblique s?

To be honest, you can't draw it like a normal S. Draw a box, make sure you do it with a ruler, and make the S in a box shape. Step-by-step below 1. Draw your box (with a ruler) 2. Make a medium size semi circle where the top curve of the S usually is. 3. Do the same with the bottom curve of th ( Full Answer )

What is a oblique pyramid?

An oblique pyramid is either one whose base is not a regular polygon or one whose apex is not vertically above the centre of its base.

What do the oblique muscles do?

The obliques function to pull the chest downwards and compress theabdominal wall. It also has some actions in both flexion androtation of the vertebral column. The obliques contracting on oneside can create lateral flexion on that side.

What is an oblique narration?

Oblique narration is speech that is quoted indirectly, or in a differentperson from that employed by the original speaker.

Need a picture of an oblique pyramid?

A graphic of an oblique pyramid can't be shown on Answers.com, dueto formatting restrictions. But, imagine if you could move the verytop of the Great Pyramid of Gaza, and move it towards the rear, sothe top is no longer exactly above the centre of the base, that isan oblique pyramid. There are many ( Full Answer )

What is oblique prism?

It is the opposite of a right prism. The bases are not directly aligned atop another, and it has a visible lateral height instead of a visible height (Which is from the center of one base to the center of the other base).

What is another name for Obliques?

The oblique muscles help a person twist and bend at the torso. Strong obliques are good for supporting the lower back. Another name for obliques is side abdominals.

What is an oblique rays?

Oblique rays are merely those rays whose angle of incidence is less than 45 o . Acute rays are those that impact between 45 o and 90 o to the surface.

What is an oblique photograph?

An aerial photo taken with the camera axis intentionally inclined between the horizontal and the vertical.

What is an oblique heading?

An oblique heading refers to writing headings using oblique text.These texts are similar to italics, but they lean right and theyare only distorted versions of the typefaces instead of separateglyphs.

What is oblique in grade 6?

its a line that connects each line to make a 3D box.... an oblique angle is one that is not a multiple of 90degrees

Which planet has the greatest obliquity?

\n Obliquity is a way of describing a planet's axial "tilt". The answer is Uranus or Venus, depending on the way the planet's north pole is defined.

What is Jupiter's obliquity?

This is another way of saying how "tilted " the planet's axis is. For Jupiter the obliquity is about 3 degrees.

What Is an oblique circular cone?

In a right circular cone a line from the vertex to the center of the circular base is perpendicular to the base. In an oblique circular cone that same line will not be perpendicular.

When was the Obliquity?

~41,000 years, caused by changes in tilt of the earth relative tothe plane of the orbit.